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  1. Cendrag Roseheart

    How tall should my shark be?

    Tell me your opinions! 7'3" is minimum, 9'0" is maximum! He's 7'3" right now. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/599119320232230952/705523242861068309/BeauRef.png
  2. Cendrag Roseheart

    Request: Sea of thieves related pic! (pirate outfit owo)

    Hey! I just downloaded that one pirate game and was wondering if I could have my shark character dressed in a pirate outfit! Any art style is cool, but flat colors are recommended I could send any artists references in DMS since his character design changed a little bit. Thanks!
  3. Cendrag Roseheart

    Request: Shark color palette suggestions

    Hey! I need serious help. I wanna update my character's colors (Colors 2, 4 and 5 are the same. I need help on 1 and 3) I want them to be a darker gray, but idk how low I should go.
  4. Cendrag Roseheart

    Request: New avian character

    Hey! I'm developing a new avian character! I'm eager to see him in all of your styles! I'm still developing a color palette and design. I'm hoping someone will reply to this!
  5. Cendrag Roseheart

    New eye color for Zevrinth Adryd

    (Updated palette except for the eyes, which are purple) Palette with updated eye color (Hazel) What do you guys suggest?
  6. Cendrag Roseheart

    New last name for Beau

    Hey! I need a new last name for my sona, Beau Kazujiro. I recently noticed that Beau is short for Beauregard. Beauregard Kazujiro sounds weird. So I want a more Regal/Royal last name, but I can't find any so far. Here's my list I made up: Beau Alsandare Beau Alistair Beau Alastair Beau...
  7. Cendrag Roseheart

    Expression sheet for Beau!

    Hey guys! My birthday is coming up and I was wondering if any of you could doodle up an expression sheet containing 6 expressions or more for my shark OC! I’ll tell you the ones in DMS when you get back to me, Thanks!
  8. Cendrag Roseheart

    Request: Reference sheet name edit (URGENT)

    Hi! Can someone with good photoshop skills swap a letter In my reference sheet? His current name is Beau Kazujiro, but it's SUPPOSED to be Beau Kazuhiro. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/599119320232230952/705523242861068309/BeauRef.png If any of you can swap out the J in Kazujiro with...
  9. Cendrag Roseheart

    Sona voice ideas!

    Hey! I need to give my bartender shark a voice! I was thinking of Angel dust from Hazbin hotel, but I dunno if he fits that personality.. I'm always open to hear your ideas!
  10. Cendrag Roseheart


    Hey. There is a artist on Furaffinity and Twitter named "Reptilligator" He is a minor, (17 years old at this time) And he's drawing NSFW art and selling it. for any future commissioners, DON'T BUY FROM HIM. people are paying up to 150$ for his art. I just wanted to get this out here.
  11. Cendrag Roseheart

    Request: New Twitch/Youtube channel banner!

    Hey! This is pretty urgent, but bear with me! I'm gonna get my youtube and twitch career back and underway! Could any of you awesome artists create a 1200x480 banner (For twitch) Or a 2560x1440 banner (for youtube)? Either would be AWESOME and I'd be sure to credit YOU in any of my streams or...
  12. Cendrag Roseheart

    Request: Kangaroo sona needs art!!

    Hey all! I'm developing a new kangaroo sona~ I have a ref of him, but I need more views of him! The ref is NSFW, so if any of you accept my offer we can talk in DMS Cheers!
  13. Cendrag Roseheart

    Request: Anyone draw aquatics here?

    Hey all! I realized I haven't been giving my shark boyo enough attention.. So... I would like to see how y'all draw sharks in your art style! (I'm actually curious about this x3) Thanks for considering!
  14. Cendrag Roseheart

    Sona criticism! (birb edition)

    Hey! I would love it if anyone could give some constructive criticism on my Sona, Azaphur! Any comment or tip is appreciated!
  15. Cendrag Roseheart

    I may have been scammed. *Really pissed rn*

    Aight~ Here comes one of my 1st rants about a commission. I was waiting on a commission, the artist sent me a sketch that I requested she make changes of. (I wanted to make a Rito oc of Azaphur) Here's the flawed sketch I told her that the arms are absent and the wings should be replaced with...
  16. Cendrag Roseheart

    New primal form for Azaphur..?

    Hyia! I made a primal form for cendrag, right? Could I make one for Azaphur? Any suggestions?
  17. Cendrag Roseheart

    Request: Request of my newest sona, Azaphur!

    Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted here ina while, now I'm back! Can any of you doodle photos of my gryphon? I'll reference you if I post it anywhere and, thank you for considering~
  18. Cendrag Roseheart

    Request: Come one come all!

    Hey! It's ALMOST christmas and I was wondering if you artists would like to draw Beau in a holiday setting? It doesn't have to be christmas related, but I'd love to see what you all come up with!
  19. Cendrag Roseheart

    Shark sona Critique

    What do you all think of him? I just think his face looks odd, but other than that, he's okay!