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  1. Caecus

    Your PC

    PC I5 3570K gtx 660 Samsung evo 850 128gb Caviar black 1tb Caviar blue 1tb Nexus 500W psu Operating system: arch linux Accessories Blackstorm mouse Logitech waterproof keyboard Razer charcaisis Huion H610 Monitors Philips 4K 60hz 40" Fujitsu 22" Asus 22"
  2. Caecus

    What Do You When You're Sad?

    If I get sad I go listen Kodaline, but if I listen Kodaline I get sad.
  3. Caecus

    should genetic engineering be used to create anthropomorphic people?

    Not probably anthropomorphic people, it wouldn't have much benefits and how could they adapt to society. But they could use genetics to add certain traits such as better vision, disease immunities, lungs capacity etc. But humans genetics manipulating is ethically wrong in many people opinion...
  4. Caecus

    Let's Talk Dragon

    I have drawn only one dragon but I like the art works a lot what people have made. It took about forever to draw one so I haven't done any other this far. Pterosaurs, bats and skyrim were good references.
  5. Caecus

    What is your favourite video game(s)?

    Definitely Undertale. But I also like TESes and borderlands a lot.
  6. Caecus


    I have seen dreams about drawing furries lol.
  7. Caecus

    Open Chat

    Me neither lmao, just lurking the chat occasionally.
  8. Caecus

    Christmas Wish List

    New psu to server since old one burnt down.
  9. Caecus

    How long have you been a furry or brony?

    Been furry maybe for a month.
  10. Caecus

    Random Thoughts & Ponderings

    This sentence is false.
  11. Caecus

    I did some fanart from monoke hime: http://justcampus.tumblr.com/post/154119652788/ That's also...

    I did some fanart from monoke hime: http://justcampus.tumblr.com/post/154119652788/ That's also my tumblr
  12. Caecus

    My own discord server

    It tells that instant invite is invalid.
  13. Caecus

    What's Your Personality Type?

    I agree with this poll result. ENFJ-A: "With vision and determination, nothing is impossible."
  14. Caecus

    Wacom Intuos problems

    I have had Huion H610 for three months now, it is my first tablet and I have been very happy with it. Works flawlessly even on Linux. 8"x6.5" for 60$ so the price isn't bad either. I would recommended this device. They can be found from their own webpage huion.com
  15. Caecus

    Wacom Intuos problems

    Reinstall program what you're using and if that doesn't help try the tablet on other computer. Also make sure that you don't have more than one driver installed at once and that your stylus is fulĺy charghed. I haven't had any problems with Huion but cracked pen because I keep dropping my styluses.
  16. Caecus

    Why do furries wear clothes??

    There's also a page in wikifur, where is listed why furries might wear clothes: Clothing - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia
  17. Caecus

    Why do furries wear clothes??

    I thought that word "people" means generally humans, I am not native English speaker so pardon me from the miss understanding. As I have understood furries are just human like beings. I checked the certain meanings of "people" and understood what you meant.
  18. Caecus

    Why do furries wear clothes??

    Some of them. EDIT: Well actually they're not animals nor people, they're furries.
  19. Caecus

    War: What is it good for?

    Sometimes war is inevitable, people can not agree with everything with everyone or they can not make compromises. People are what they're, they may gain wrath from insignificant things or they only want to improve their conditions without caring about others. Some people are foolish, that's what...
  20. Caecus

    Where is the feral crowd?

    I mostly draw ferals. I have drawn only one anthro and it was done in physics test, without reference, and it wasn't too good either so I stuck up drawing ferals only at least for a while.