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  1. Artruya

    How you do you deal with confusion?

    Hey furry friends! I'm having one of those days where my thoughts and emotions are all over the place and I can't get a grasp on how to feel or what to think. You can probably relate! so I'd really like to hear how you deal with this! Is there something you do that tends to bring clarity, like...
  2. Artruya

    LOL @yourself

    Is there something you do on a regular basis that you know just doesn't make any sense? Do you knowingly think and act on a basis of flawed logic? Maybe you're taking life too seriously, or maybe you're not, but here's your chance to point out how ridiculous you are and just laugh at yourself...
  3. Artruya

    Found furries inspiring, so I'm here. Hello!

    Hey all! My name is Josh, I live in Bellingham, WA up in the NW corner of the US. I'm from the flat old state of Illinois. I'm 22 years old, and I recently discovered the furry fandom via the interwebs. I like puns and lame jokes, electronic music, and going on adventures. When I heard about...