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  1. SirGavintheFurred

    Siralim Ultimate Kickstarter

    Hello! I just wanted to make a post about an upcoming video game call Siralim Ultimate. It's currently in it's Kickstarter as of now and I wanted to support the game by sharing this news. I hope you'll like it as much as I have!
  2. SirGavintheFurred

    The Kind Acts of Others

    Hello! I am an old member of the forums. I left though. I'm going to return to make this post and perhaps in the future I'll return to make another one like it. Let me get straight to the point, I think this server has beenl filled with politics, arguments, etc. and I encourage you to create...
  3. SirGavintheFurred

    Fur Appreciation Thread

    Hello! Let me first get right into this thread by telling you what it's about. I left because this place had constant trolls and poltical firefights. It still does. However, I know that there are people here who are absolutely wonderful and I wanted to admist all the fighting and differences we...
  4. SirGavintheFurred

    I'm leaving (Kind of)

    Hello! It is I, Gavin! I'm going to get the point pretty fast. You see, I've been spending more and more time on the Last Post Wins Discord server. It's a nice place to talk with fellow furries and I like it a whole lot better than here to be honest. *Cough* Here's the link Discord - Free voice...
  5. SirGavintheFurred

    The Last Post Wins Discord Server

    Hello! As many of you know, Last Post Wins has become quite a popular thread. It's place that a lot of us go to chat. We talk about each other's day, current events, sharing our thoughts/drawings/music, and supporting each other. @Some Moron decided to make a discord server. It's open to anyone...
  6. SirGavintheFurred

    What's your favorite Movie and TV show?

    Title says it all! What is your favorite movie and/or TV show? You can have more than one! Here are mine! My favorite movie is easily Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! Everything about it was awesome! The Hoth battle with the AT-ATs and the Snowspeeders, everything on Cloud City, and Luke's...
  7. SirGavintheFurred

    Could someone draw my first Fursona?

    Hello! I just finished my Fursona. I was wondering if anyone could do a simple drawing or something for me to use as my profile picture until I get a source of income to pay for one. Here are all the details below. I also found a neat picture of a Jackal if it helps and it's down below. If you...