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  1. Batty Krueger

    Those were the days.

    OG forum meet up at FC. Fuck it never mind apparently I cant post images anymore
  2. Batty Krueger

    Long time no see

    Some of you may remember me, some not but I'm back. Tons of life changes hence why I disappeared. I'm back now, got a steady job being a resident DJ at a bi monthly club in Los Angeles and gigs in between. Mostlyvariations of Techno and House with some Drum n Bass thrown into the mix. (See what...
  3. Batty Krueger

    California Drought, Dipshit Neighbor.

    OK so we are in a bad drought. Yet every fucking day one of my neighbors washes down his driveway and sidewalk for at least 30 minutes. So I go outside and yell hey, why are you doing that? Don't you know there's a bad drought going on? He tells me to fuck off. So I go over there and cut his...
  4. Batty Krueger

    Post Your Current Playlist

    This sounded like a fun idea, just to get a basis of what you all like to listen to. So FAF, whats your current playlist? Mine right now is as follows... 1.The Germs-What We Do Is Secret 2.Dead Kennedys-MTV Get Off The Air 3.The Germs-Lets Pretend 4.Adolescents-Things Start Moving 5.Dead...
  5. Batty Krueger

    Our Robocop Remake[NSFW]

    Our Robocop Remake has to be the best thing I have seen on Vimeo for quite some time. Its hilariously brilliant yet totally fucking retarded. Lots of effort went into this with the different styles of cinematography and animations. If you have seen Robocop or are a Robocop fan you will love and...
  6. Batty Krueger

    Further Confusion 2014

    So it's been decided, my husband and I have been trying to figure out if we are gunna go to FC next year and it turns out we are! So just seeing if any of you batshit insane motherfuckers are going to be there as well. Anyway this thread is to talk about FC next year, hope to see some of you...
  7. Batty Krueger

    Any RC furs out there?

    Just curious to see if any furfags in this furfag realm are into RC trains, planes, and automobiles? Or anything in between. I just got back into RC crapadurrs myself and have a 4wheel drive Subaru rally car that I modded out to all hell and back. This lil baby hits 75 mph with street tires...
  8. Batty Krueger

    Red bull Stratos

    Did anyone watch this today? http://www.redbullstratos.com/ This boss motherfucker jumped from space, 127,000+ foot skydive from SPACE. Truely amazing.
  9. Batty Krueger

    Horror Movies- The best of the worst

    I for one can't get enough of the old classic horror films. The so called Horror now a days is fucking pathetic. What are your fav oldschool horror films? Personally mine have to be Evil Dead through Army of Darkness. Those films plus anything else Bruce Campbell has done (minus Burn...