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  1. K

    NEW MEME here. ABCs

    Post in your Journals A - Available?: A - Age: A - Annoyance: B - Best Friends?: B - Bar: B - Birthday: C - Crush: C - Car: C - Cat: D - Dead Pets Name: D - Dad's Name: D - Dog: E - Easiest person to talk to: E - Eggs: E - Email: F - Favourite Colors...
  2. K

    Options for a user to change Colors

    How about Options for a different Color for the users site. Like instead of the gray and blue. An option to change it to 2 different colors. Effect will only be for the Users and only they will see it. It might not make Sense to people. Sorry if it confuses you.[/i]
  3. K

    Paint Programs

    Hiya all, Kanga here. Does anyone know of a Good Paint Program. I currently only have the one that came with the computer. Now I really want to get a paint program. Please help me Find a Good One