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    Liability Disclaimer Clause for transactions (site-wide)

    k... I've tried this before, to no avail, so posting here after a long delay. The existing ToS is still inadequate on this front as far as I can see; so some time, please... clearly visible (baseline suggestion, borrowed/adapted) "Except where expressly indicated, Ferrox Art LLC and its staff...
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    Akk... Gary Gygax has passed away :/

    Dun know how much this'll mean to the general demographic here, but fyi anyhow; http://www.freeyabb.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=4373 -v- d.
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    Query re. unannounced AUP changes

    Had been waiting to see whether there would be any announcement about all those changes to the AUP, but I can't see anything off-hand. Apologies if I've missed that but it's not possible to search on <4 characters. ;) Ordinarily it might be considered to be "good communication" to let the...
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    Submission #1,000,000 incoming ^^

    994,789 and counting: should be over the million mark late Thursday/early Friday U.S. timezones. Good work! :) :) Hopefully FA won't meltdown if y'all try to hit the submission number on the nose: know where I'd place my bets, but would be fun to be proven wrong... (Good to know that FA...
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    Query re. re-baselining of FA accounts

    Quick question in passing for Preyfar... The previously published spreadsheet for the FA accounts (2/27/07) had a carry-forward to June 2006 of $0 whereas this has now been revised (6/30/07) to -$1,250; i.e. now treating Jan 1, 2006 as $0 and debiting all hosting payments for January to May...
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    re. RE: Is Uncia back?

    Sheesh; threadlock a minute later, please, Wicht! ;) Which other one? :) Slightly narked that impacted elsewhere (onto Spirit Wolf, for example), but getting a PM telling me effectively to shut up and just look cute if I want to be around here when I'm simply pointing out potential issues...