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  1. Deathless

    Clone Hero Charts

    I've been playing a lot of Clone Hero lately and I really could use some new songs to play because I'm kind of getting bored of playing the same songs over and over again. Does anyone know of any good Clone Hero charts or any good music that would be fun to play? I'm mostly looking for songs on...
  2. Deathless

    Sketchbook: Kirby Character Sketches!

    I've been playing Kirby Star Allies with a few awesome people and I am now just noticing how amazingly cute the Kirby characters are! Here's a few of my drawings I've done (mostly of Meta Knight because he is superior) and there's gonna be a lot more! First Attempt at Meta Knight and his glow...
  3. Deathless

    Neil Peart's Passing

    It was announced today that on January 7th, the drummer for the legendary band Rush, Neil Peart, had passed away due to brain cancer at age 67. I personally never gotten into Rush's music, but I still had a tremendous amount of respect and gratefulness towards these talented people. With Neil...
  4. Deathless

    What inspired your fursona's name?

    If this thread was made before, I apologize! Tell me the backstory behind your fursona's name! Coming up with fitting names is kind of tough and I wanna know what made you chose the name you've chosen? My main girl's name is Deathless (linked pics of my girl just in case y'all wanna see her)...
  5. Deathless

    Can Soap Get Dirty?

    Is soap capable of getting dirty? If so, how would you clean it?
  6. Deathless

    Free Art: Cheeks' Requests!

    Hey party people! With the holidays coming up, why don't I do some requests! But wait, why would I do this alone? Which means... Yes that's right! This is a collab request thread! @IggyKoopa and I will be picking some of y'all at random to draw! You will not know which of us is gonna draw...
  7. Deathless

    Art Trade: [ART TRADE] Human Practice!!

    Hey all! I wanna practice drawing some human people! I'd love to do an art trade for specific human characters, I have some human based characters that need some good attention. I am willing to draw fursonas but I'd love to draw more humans (or human based) for my own practice as well! If...
  8. Deathless

    The Office

    I just finished watching The Office yet again on Netflix and I wonder who else is a huge fan of The Office? Since it's most likely going to be removed more soon than later, I would like to make every episode count! Who here has watched The Office? Thoughts? I've heard about the show all my life...
  9. Deathless

    Main Site Colored text?

    It's ya boy, back with another help thread! I see a bunch of people on FA with colors in their profile bios and all that and I've been wondering how to do that. Is it like what Minecraft has with doing a specific symbol and number in the beginning? I'm still not 100% accustomed to the main...
  10. Deathless

    Free Art: Bring on some Demons

    I wanna sketch some demon characters. I'd prefer male/androgynous characters but I'll do female characters as well! I don't plan on drawing everyone but plans do change. Just gimme your best demon characters and I'll have fun with them! I'll do both human and animal based demons! Here's some...
  11. Deathless

    Art Trade: Looking for trades!!

    Hey all! I'd love to do some trades with some people! I'm kinda bored of drawing my own characters at the moment and I'd love more people to draw, while receiving more art of my own characters! Here's examples of my art: Artwork Gallery for LuciferTheDemon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Reply here...
  12. Deathless

    Mukbang/Food ASMR

    Does anyone here like mukbang? If you don't know, mukbang is where someone eats a surplus of food for the audience' entertainment. Does anyone here enjoy watching and/or listening to mukbang? Are there sounds you can't tolerate? Is there specific ASMR/mukbang channels you enjoy? For me, I...
  13. Deathless

    Free Art: Super Bored [CLOSED]

    Hey all. I'm really bored at the moment so I would like to do some rough sketches for some of you here. These will most likely not be colored or not even outlined, I just want something to do at the moment. There won't be any slots, just put a reference down below. There probably won't be any...
  14. Deathless

    Fursuit heads under 400$?

    I know I'm usually the one linking cheap fursuit makers, but I'd like to expand my choices because I'm looking for makers who can make feline heads. I'm looking for cheap fursuit heads that look decent and can have super long hair. I plan on getting a fursuit of my kitty Exodus, and I haven't...
  15. Deathless

    Free Art: 30 Watchers Raffle!!

    I will be doing a raffle on the main site once I hit 30 watchers! www.furaffinity.net: ⫸30 WATCHERS RAFFLE!!⫷ by LuciferTheDemon All of the information that is needed will be on this post! If you do not have an account on the main site, you can comment with a number and reference here! Same...
  16. Deathless

    Main Site Quick Question

    I'm still learning how to do stuff on the main site, can someone tell me how to get icons without the name next to it? Here's an example of what I mean: What I know how to do is :iconUsername: which adds texts to the side, which makes things look cluttered and all that.
  17. Deathless

    Is vore considered NSFW?

    I know vore is a fetish, but when I go on the main site with SFW enabled, I still see vore. I'm not kink-shaming or anything, but I think vore should be at least marked as mature content, not everyone wants to see it. Everyone has the right to be into what they like, no judgement, but not...
  18. Deathless

    What do you do about broken nails?

    I've been growing out my nails for the past couple months and they keep breaking. My nails aren't the strongest but they strong enough to last until a certain point. When my nails break, depending on where and how it broke, like just today my pinkie nail broke nearly in half to the point where...
  19. Deathless

    Free Art: Springbreak Requests!! [CLOSED for now]

    Hello everyone! I've been requesting a lot of art recently and I thought I'd give back to the community that has spoiled me with free art! I start my spring break on Friday so I'd like to open a thread for requests so I can start them or have them by next week! I don't plan on doing much so I've...
  20. Deathless

    Dream Theater fans anyone?

    I'm going to be seeing a favorite band of mine, Dream Theater, in early April and I've been listening to them nonstop lately. I'm going to see their new album Distance Over Time, along with the whole Metropolis Part 2 album live (20th anniversary celebration) and I can't wait to see that album...