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  1. Lweek

    iOS client

    If you see FA as a porn site then it could be a problem in the future but Apple don't care about new apps too much. Only one person from Apple go thru demo you prepare and if it is not primary a porn app then you have great change to get green light. And hell we will try to make it look clean...
  2. Lweek

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Hi, just short suggestion. It would be a good idea if you will integrate "Twitter bootstrap" framework in the UI. You'll get modern beautiful UI layout for free. It will be also responsive which will enable you make this site mobile and tablet friendly. Bigger buttons, bigger titles and more...
  3. Lweek

    iOS client

    Hi folks! I could provide iOS client (iPad and iPhone) for FA if it is something wishful? If there is already a project I can provide help with work. All I need to know is if there are furs who would like to browse FA in their iPhones or iPad and if there is a will to collaborate from current...
  4. Lweek

    Enable retina res. thumbnails and save traffic

    Dear FA fur-engeneers, Few months I've discovered new (and truly quite interesting) idea about jpeg compression. Whole idea is described in the article (link bellow). It can make FA looks stunning on new retina enabled devices and yet it can save on traffic load. I've used this idea on my own...