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  1. PaletteManokit

    Other payment options besides Paypal..?

    Currently wanting to gain profit from art commissions, but for specific reasons I am not doing it with paypal, are there any other payment options that I could use to sell my commissions? And use to buy things online? Please note I'd like something that a ton of people use (like paypal) and is...
  2. PaletteManokit

    Looking for RP partner(s)

    I haven't roleplayed in a long time, and right now it honestly sounds really nice. So if anyone wants to be my RP partner please message me! However, there is one thing that is a no no when I RP with anyone, No NSFWcontent I'm literally fine with almost any RP (as long as it's SFW) so yeah...
  3. PaletteManokit

    Bodysuit without a DTD?

    So, first, sorry if this is in the wrong place-I'm new to the forum. Now, I want to make a bodysuit without a duct tape dummy (DTD) and I want some second opinions. This is how I want to do it: Use this tutorial to make the leg half, pattern it like I would the head, and use the pattern for the...