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  1. Swampwulf

    Yahoo! Slurp Spider

    I wasn't aware that the forums were being indexed for inclusion into search engines. I knew that the main site itself was pretty much blocked, and had, foolishly it seems, assumed that the same was true of the forums. Is this just an oversight due to not having updated the robot.txt file...
  2. Swampwulf

    Web Karma

    A Simple Code for Posting on the Web Say Everything As If Speaking To Everyone (because you are) If You Must Be A Jerk, Don't Be An Anonymous One (because that's cowardly) Encourage Others To Abide By This Code (because it's neighborly, plus...
  3. Swampwulf


    Have any of you LiveJournalists out there been following the silliness going on over there recently? http://community.livejournal.com/lj_biz/ I actually deleted my paid account and started up a GreatestJournal account http://swampwulf.greatestjournal.com/ and was wondering if anyone else...
  4. Swampwulf

    First rule of Furry: ( Register article)

    Don't talk about furry to the media. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/06/28/bay-area_furries/ Great, even more people convinced that furry means: I have to own a fursuit. I have to collect plushies. I only want to get together with my friends to have deviant sex. This article isn't...