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  1. nobuyuki

    Banned from Anthrocon for being an open carrier

    almost every racist has their own personal justification for their racism. Many of them rationalize it in such a way so as that they would never believe you if you called them a racist. Racist presumptions which build fear and insecurity in this person seem to be just one of many excuses to...
  2. nobuyuki


    "Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!!"
  3. nobuyuki

    Aftermath of DDoS: State of the Servers Part Deux..

    I love the smell of drama in the morning. And now back to your regularly scheduled gaming sessions
  4. nobuyuki

    any Jazz fans out there?

    there's also a classic jazz and freeform station run by a college here near chicago, alongside the smooth jazz station which is corporate-owned
  5. nobuyuki

    Sampling in rap.

    I would have mentioned that, and I actually did start writing a paragraph on it, but I thought it was off-topic. Let's not get into today's cheap gangsta bling and the drum and bass machines which provide the backdrop for it 8) The bravado of it sickens me...
  6. nobuyuki

    any Jazz fans out there?

    I like me some smooth jazz and lounge. Fantastic Plastic Machine, Soul Ballet, Tim Heintz, Four80East, Capsule, etc. Edit: This may also be a great time for me to toot my own horn :B
  7. nobuyuki

    Sampling in rap.

    I only skimmed this thread, so hopefully I won't be redundant, but let me give a few musings over why I really hate today's rap music (and why in hindsight I seem to appreciate the oldschool stuff more) when it comes to sampling: Most people today don't understand the difference between 'good'...
  8. nobuyuki

    The pressures of being a first-time lecturer

    Let me give you some advice. Have you ever taken a communications class? The very first thing you HAVE to do is you HAVE to practice your lecture first before you do it in front of a live audience. Why do you do this? Because it gets your meter down, and you'll know right away if you don't...
  9. nobuyuki

    Best printer/scanner?

    Hello, a friend pointed me out to this thread and since it's sorta my job to know about retail printing and scanning technology I thought I'd give you my advice on the matter. My best recommendation if you want something all in one is to go with the HP Photosmart C8180. You're one of the few...
  10. nobuyuki

    While FA's down, post your music here!

    Modplug Tracker
  11. nobuyuki

    Any Furs around the Chicagoland area?

    horndawg: closer to the west side, actually technically in north aurora and nope, haven't had any break-ins or anything like that. My bro has, though, but that's what you get when you drive anything that isn't a grey sedan :V
  12. nobuyuki

    While FA's down, post your music here!

    hawt music it reminds me of glass and mirrors and french people here's more music from me, it's smooth jazz http://www.gpknow.com/nobuyuki/music/Nobuyuki%20-%20Springtime%20in%20the%20City.mp3
  13. nobuyuki

    Furs by Area Code

  14. nobuyuki

    Any Furs around the Chicagoland area?

    Greetings from the western suburbs. There must be lots of people here, since mff is held right where you live and it's like the 3rd largest furry convention around. That being said, everything I've seen and heard has led me to indicate that furries from our area are completely batshit insane...
  15. nobuyuki

    Need help with Photoshop glitch

    Another program is locking access to the file temporarily. Photoshop iirc does not lock file access when it is working, therefore it must be something else running on your computer. Make sure the file isn't selected in an Explorer process (the thumbnailer sometimes can get stuck in a locked...
  16. nobuyuki

    Who's heard my stuff, or seen me around?

    I heard some of it a while back, iirc most of it sounded heavily sampled. I forget, are you a turntablist or something like that? The music sounded very experimental
  17. nobuyuki


    bumping this thread cause it's good to hear some people like chiptunes out there yay horrorshow, your music's interesting 8) here's my 8bc page which I haven't updated in a while: http://8bitcollective.com/members/nobuyuki/
  18. nobuyuki

    While FA's down, post your music here!

    Just a little spammy thread for those of you guys who feel the urge to post your music up somewhere 8) I'll start, here's a little chiptune mashup I slammed out the other day using Cool Edit 96 (ewww): http://nobuyuki.gpknow.com/music/Nobuyuki%20-%20Like%20the%20Wind.mp3 Note: you...
  19. nobuyuki

    Anthrocon's staff trolling FurAffinity and Preyfar, apparently they have no shame

    sounds like standard fare furry drama to me. Maybe they had seen something about Dragoneer / heard it from a friend that triggered the drama llama inside them and felt that a little slandering was in order. Regardless of that, nobody really knows what fortunes we may find within the course of...