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  1. Calypte

    OH SNAP! $15 painterly icon/conbadge combo~

    AHOY THAR. I'm offering $15 painterly icons. I'm doing them at 1000x1000 which translates to 5"x5" at 200 DPI! That's large enough for a conbadge oh yes it is. EXAMPLES! Turned into a 4"x5" (@ 200 DPI) conbadge it looks like this! I'm taking 4 right now. See my journal entry for...
  2. Calypte

    redline needed for chimera character!

    Hi guys. This is my first anthro in years and years and years and I need some red-lines from people that are more familiar with humanoid anatomy than myself. I free-handed this completely without using a single photo reference so I know my anatomy is off but I want to know by how much. The pose...
  3. Calypte

    Live art broadcasts and you: post your channels here!

    Hey everybody! Do you like to watch artists draw live? Do you yourself like to broadcast your drawings to other people? Well, you've come to the right thread! I wanted to start a thread for people that use any of the live broadcasting services to post their channel and broadcast times for those...
  4. Calypte

    First time FC Dealer

    Further Confusion is going to be my first major con that I'm going to be dealing at. It's only my third time as a dealer ever; my previous two cons being All Fur Fun and Rainfurrest. I just wanted to plug my art in case anyone was interested. My table name is under "Ril Envy" studios, which...
  5. Calypte

    Original Art Auction

    I put up a recently finished adult watercolor piece on furbid. I tend to post things at night, so nobody really gets to see what I'm working on. Thought I'd shamelessly plug. :D I started the bidding at $5, no reserve. http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction/item.pl?item=232334250 [NSFW!]
  6. Calypte

    B/W Inked Commissions!

    My colored pencils are markers are going to be packed away in storage for a little while so I won't be able to do anything color, but for the moment I'll still be able to do just simple line work commissions. If anyone is interested please see the below link...