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  1. AllenR

    Commission (Hiring) Kid version of my character and anothers playing Pokemon

    So, I first want to mention this is kind of a surprise for a person so I am only going to post my character. The other will basically have to be private discussion for whomever I end up going with. This person also has no idea what I'm planning with their character so you'll should feel...
  2. AllenR

    Adult Pokemon M/M Commission

    Simple image really. Just an image of a male Lucario and my own custom character going at it with a slight twist (nothing disturbing). I'll give the full details to the artist I end up choosing if one shows up for this. I'm also not able to spend a lot of cash, looking for maybe $50 for a...
  3. AllenR

    Easier gallery download

    I doubt this might get deeply looked into but I thought I would suggest it anyway. I recently had gone through a hard drive issue and had lost all my files, including my furry art. Now I'm having to right now go back and save all the work that is lost. But so far, even on wireless DSL, it's...
  4. AllenR

    Japanese typist

    This might come off as a little odd but I'm looking for a person who is able to type text on their PC in kanji or some form of Japanese. I need it for a sort of project I'm working on and instead of just finding a kanji font and typing random letters I'd like to actually have the actual words...
  5. AllenR

    Knife in my back I need to get out

    I'll warn people this is going to probably be a pretty long and emo-ish post, so feel free to pass on reading it, even though I could probably use a bit of help with this crap. First I'll just introduce myself. My name is Allen, I am currently 21 years old, I just moved in into my own place...
  6. AllenR

    FA running slow?

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but FA's been running very slowly lately. A friend of mine said it was running fine when I asked so I'm not sure if it's a problem on my part or what.
  7. AllenR

    Comment limits for galleries

    Right now I'm trying to download all the art from an artists gallery, but it's taking me a lot longer than it should because of how this guy has about 100 comments on one page, which just slows the process down because of all that loading, plus loading everybody's avatar as well. What I'd...
  8. AllenR

    Thumbnail issues

    I noticed a certain thing about thumbnails with FA. If you were to upload a pic of something, the secondary thumbnail would come out in a normal size, but if you were to change the submission file, the secondary thumbnail size would increase by like 2x from before. Is this some kind of bug or...
  9. AllenR

    Unable to delete FA avatar

    So I'm a picky whore and I've got an avatar on my FA account that I'm unable to delete. I think it might of been an upload problem but whenever I try and delete it, it gives me an error page with The requested URL /avatar/deleteavatar/xero.owns/ was not found on this server. I don't think I'll...
  10. AllenR

    Theme is stuck on default

    I'm trying to switch to default_old but everytime I choose the option and check apply settings, it doesn't seem to change at all. I didn't see any message about this so I'm curious if this is some kind of bug going on or what.
  11. AllenR

    A way to link to other FA users?

    I saw someone do this before but I'm not sure how it's done, and it wasn't in the FAQ. Is there a quick way to link to other FA users? Like how with DA you can do :userid: or :iconuserid: or something and it'll link to the persons account name. FA doesn't seem to support HTML either which...
  12. AllenR

    Simple file uploading + watch question

    I stuck a WIP image on my page and plan on updating it here and there. I just have one question though. Do people who have me on a watch list get notified about the file being updated? DeviantART does this but I wasn't sure if Fur Affinity does it as well.