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  1. Swampwulf

    Someone explain this, and someone explain it -now-

    So, this is why Vigilink has a section in their privacy policy titled 'Use of Personally Identifiable Information'?
  2. Swampwulf

    New account registration has been temporarily suspended.

    Business? You think this is a business? Businesses usually exist to make money. FA is just a social site that 'Neer keeps running with his own time, freely given and, from what I understand money out of his own pocket when there aren't enough donations to cover expenses. he and his team...
  3. Swampwulf

    Bestiality and Fur Affinity

    I'll bear that in mind the next time I go visit my sister's grave. Her O.D.ing shouldn't affect me, my siblings, or my Parents. Dragoneer said so!
  4. Swampwulf

    The New Userpage Gallery

    Yay! Something to eat more bandwidth. ( I assume that loading those 'midsized' thumbnails is going to eat a good sized chunk ) and absolutely *nothing* for the site users that aren't graphical artists. No love for the writers. We're still stuck with tiny little images to act as 'book...
  5. Swampwulf

    Is it possible to learn animation without being able to draw very well?

    This kind of sounds like learning Music Theory, but not being able to play an instrument. You could probably poke at a keyboard for a few months and come up with something half way passable as 'music' you it sounds like more trouble than it's worth. That said.. if it makes you happy, then go...
  6. Swampwulf

    Why no elderly fursonas?

    Pride? No, no... we wolves run in packs. ;)
  7. Swampwulf

    Why no elderly fursonas?

    Same here Xipoid. I think the reason you don't 'see' older furries requires a two fold answer. The first being that *most* avatars reflect the person behind them to a certain degree, and lets be honest, most of the folks in the fandom right now are fairly young. The second part of that...
  8. Swampwulf

    The Site Is A Lie

    I suggest they blame Alkora. I mean he wrote the code that it is/was limping along on till now, right? Might be a little hard to make stick because he hasn't messed with it for the better part of a year though...
  9. Swampwulf

    Continued: "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    Liar. We ain't never dated and you ain't never tasted me.
  10. Swampwulf

    I wonder if there are any furry freemasons...

    The Freemason's aren't a 'secret organization'. They're an organization with a few secrets is all.
  11. Swampwulf

    Music that goes with your character

    My music? Why it's Red's Banjo by Foxamoore, of course!
  12. Swampwulf

    I think I might be gay D:

    From a guy with a lot of hard-earned grey in his beard: Don't stress it till you find someone you like enough to think about having a relationship with. if it's a women, you're either straight or bi. If it's a guy you're either gay or bi. If you don't find anyone you're interested in, maybe you...
  13. Swampwulf

    Yahoo! Slurp Spider

    My bad then. I'll have to remember to bear that in mind. For some dumb reason I had it in my head that I was talking just to the FA Forum's community, and not the world at large.
  14. Swampwulf

    Yahoo! Slurp Spider

    I wasn't aware that the forums were being indexed for inclusion into search engines. I knew that the main site itself was pretty much blocked, and had, foolishly it seems, assumed that the same was true of the forums. Is this just an oversight due to not having updated the robot.txt file...
  15. Swampwulf

    Odd USB port malfunction...But only with things with Harddrives in them...

    First thing that came to my mind is to ask what the power rating on those USB ports are so you can check and see what kind of drain it's putting on the system's power supply, but a jump drive shouldn't really be drawing any power so that throws that idea out the window. It'd help a little bit...
  16. Swampwulf

    So, if the server was down due to power outage...

    Well, I think that Governor's Island *is* technically in NYC. BTW, I'm curious what IP you use to get the Fort Lee resolution. I keep getting the same location with I know that the site has a range that it uses, but I dunno a whole lot about it. I'm just some guy on the outside...
  17. Swampwulf

    Web Karma

    Mind you credit was given, and the author encourages it being spread around as it's *good advice*. I don't have a problem with sharing good things with folks.
  18. Swampwulf

    *Deep breath* Christian furries?

    Gay Republicans... Oh, wait.. this isn't a list of oxymorons. My bad.