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  1. NomeKo

    Getting close to what i was looking for...

    Now those posts makes me fell kind of bad, If I live in... i don't know, Mexico, maybe my Grammar/Speach would be better, but no, Im from Spain, and trust me, if you've been there, i would like to know WHERE we SPANISH speak english? only those who need to travel as me we learn english, btw, I...
  2. NomeKo

    Getting close to what i was looking for...

    Lol, I posted this on OFF TOPIC because has NOTHING to do with FURRY i do like FURRY but i don't think is SPIRITUAL, that was a concept messed up i had before, now, something funny is that you guys say my post are wierd and stuff,and I laugh, ya'LL have arround 20 years, im not saying that;s bad...
  3. NomeKo

    Why this site is so popular?

    I think i agree with you, I had to think it well before joining because i didn't want to leave like that haha
  4. NomeKo

    Furry...what is it? ::My Opinion::

    I think this threat has reached an end, but here's the sequel for those who seek more about this: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?p=1257085#post1257085
  5. NomeKo

    Getting close to what i was looking for...

    First of all, My first topic about this was in The Den, but this is no longer about my mess with the Furry meaning: (well, it has been moved again, no problem at all O.o) http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=51818&page=3 (Before this) So, here I go, *take a depht breatht* Since...
  6. NomeKo

    Furry...what is it? ::My Opinion::

    Lol, like i said b4 o, forget it, I will only say that furry is the invention of some kid's cartoon or fetish stuff, remember the movie Space Jam? that basketball movie with bugs bunny? well, there ws a pink bunny ( don't ask me things of warner bros, im not they fan hehe...) that... damn...(you...
  7. NomeKo

    Countries banning the furry fandom

    Ok, Quote: Originally Posted by David M. Awesome That's because the Christians are the majority. Christianism is a religion, in the past, religion was used to be lawn and many pll became christian just to gain power, those time has changed, now christian try to speak of peace in the name of...
  8. NomeKo

    FBI monitoring my IP?

    So where do i sing? oh.. wait, that was a joke? oops :D
  9. NomeKo

    Furry...what is it? ::My Opinion::

    yeah , i watched a few vids of that in YouTube, and there was a fight betwen one Otherkin and one Furry hehe... I do think that Otherkin of perhaps the closesest concept of what im looking for, but Im not realated to dragons, and less that the "Dragon created the world and we're all dragons...
  10. NomeKo

    Furry...what is it? ::My Opinion::

    Yay... Now that was kinda informative... so, like i said b4, Furry is the Art of humanized animals, but I did knew this long ago, i was wondering why i fell atracted to all those Humanized Animals... i think im goin to search about all this concept mentioned here.. maybe i'll find out what im...
  11. NomeKo

    Furry...what is it? ::My Opinion::

    I was looking for that answer long ago, Furry is The art of humanized Animals? so then, what i meant by Furry is really "anthropomorphic animals"? mhmm... i was searching in the Internet but it dosn't fill the compleate meaning of what this topic is meant about... i think im looking one Word to...
  12. NomeKo

    Furry...what is it? ::My Opinion::

    lol, thanks...? I guess that mean Im at the half of the way to master the grammar, but still much to learn oh, and sry for getting out of the topic :-/
  13. NomeKo

    No Homo vs Balls Touching

    I'll just say... that i hope i didn't understand the whole thing about... this... i use to play American Football... an I gotta say that is strong ppl hehe... just that all those... "Bad touches" are just meant to be part of the game... they're not on propurse, are they? *remember old games*...
  14. NomeKo

    Furry...what is it? ::My Opinion::

    Roger that, i think i'll start using my FireFox a bit more... *sigh* Well, at least I see a good post, and yeah, the thing is that i made my 1st post just to say my opinion, and i saw so many comments that left me stunt... While im typing, many ideas come to my head, but I try to keep in the...
  15. NomeKo

    Would the world be a better place if people acted more like animals?

    for what i've seen, people here use to comment about the question itself, i think, that if i see a stupid question, is better to don't answer it, what just post something like "WTF you're crazy" anyway, i think that we still act like animals sometimes, and I agree with this but animals...
  16. NomeKo

    Opinions on "hybrids" and "mixes."

    Zeke has a good point, but... does all hybirds are naturally creates? i mean, by both animal on their wild life go with each other and get those hybirds, or they're created by some kind of inlaid semen or something O.o
  17. NomeKo

    Furry...what is it? ::My Opinion::

    Wow,wow,WOW, stop it right there, first of all... do you guys ever sleep? xD im just kiddin, just that there's like a post evry 20 mins or less... anyway, im not crazy, and i don't think im crazy, im just a relaxed person, i kind see things in life the best way possible, if you guys think...
  18. NomeKo

    What browser do you use

    in my point of view, i used to like FireFox, but then i found that Internet explorer has a bit more intresting stuff than Firefox, but still, Firefox is faster, and easier :D
  19. NomeKo

    Animals and the concept of windows.

    Lol, i remember that my granpa broke one glass with his head, it was funny at the beginin because he was lost like #what happend?# but then we saw he had a big cut in his hand and some others arround his uper boddy *glup*
  20. NomeKo

    Furry...what is it? ::My Opinion::

    Furry, where can i start... doesn't really meant to be read, but well xD This is my History about getting all into this furry, better get your glasses on :rolleyes: -- At the begining, when i was a child, i used to see cartoons, well all kid does, but somehow, i loved all those cartoons were...