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  1. Malcolm the Bear

    Website is Offline?

    Same here, too.
  2. Malcolm the Bear

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    Re: Musicians: Post Your Latest Song Submission (Ver 2) I know we're asked to review/critique the music previously posted in the thread, but I honestly am not really into much electronic music, which seems to be all of what's been posted so far. Anyways, here's a cover I did today of "Defying...
  3. Malcolm the Bear

    IQ test?

    Emotional intelligence basically is how much control we have over our emotions given any stimulus. How do we react? How well do we keep our cool in a crisis? Do we let our emotions rule us or do we keep them under control? How well do we know ourselves, what limits us, how we perceive...
  4. Malcolm the Bear

    IQ test?

    I'm more interested in building EQ--emotional intelligence.
  5. Malcolm the Bear

    Political Survey

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to gather some field research on certain political trends, and I've created a brief survey (9 questions) that I'm trying to get filled out by as many people as possible. Right now, I'm especially lacking in data from Republicans, so if you're out there, I would greatly...
  6. Malcolm the Bear

    Michigan, gay marriage trial, lobbing representatives

    I don't understand this semantical argument. Why does religion get sole use of the word "marriage" when they already have the term "holy matrimony"?
  7. Malcolm the Bear

    Anyone else notice that many fursuits made by popular makers...?

    Reminds me of the quote, "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
  8. Malcolm the Bear

    Looking for a cartoon movie involving anthros

    You don't need to post the same thread to a different subforum.
  9. Malcolm the Bear

    Cartoon movie with Cats

    It had a cat representation of Satan, as I recall. To the OP: Was it one of those cartoons by Richard Scarry?
  10. Malcolm the Bear

    Have you ever had the "feeling" some Furries have sex with their PETS?

    By the same logic, people who play a lot of violent video games practice more violence in real life. And people who collect a bunch of art by Salvidor Dali melt their clocks. Just because someone likes something in an artistic medium does NOT mean that they practice it in real life as well...
  11. Malcolm the Bear

    Who Cares if Some People are "Sparkle Dogs"

    Let's assume this is true (and I'm very much willing to agree that it is). Say you've got your own unique fursona--it's special to you, you worked hard on creating it in such a way to make it significant across various facets, and you feel an intrinsic bond to it. Then along comes a sparkledog...
  12. Malcolm the Bear

    Why all the hate on yiff?

    Why is it an issue? Because it's a stereotype, which means others may get the wrong idea about us, and we're taught in our culture to care WAY too much about what everyone else thinks of us moreso than what we think of ourselves. (Plus how many of us Furries have had to deal with being...
  13. Malcolm the Bear

    Who Cares if Some People are "Sparkle Dogs"

    Wouldn't that be horrible?
  14. Malcolm the Bear

    Who Cares if Some People are "Sparkle Dogs"

    I think for some, it's an attitude of, "I thought my place in the fandom would make me feel truly special and unique, but I learned that this will never be the case for me, so it can never be the case for you, either!"
  15. Malcolm the Bear

    Celebrity Furries

    I heard a rumor that the drummer of some major rock band (like Pantera or something on that scale) was a dragon furry, but that's the extent of the rumor I've heard.
  16. Malcolm the Bear

    Would having a fursona with a disability be offensive?

    I personally don't see a problem with it. I never really got why medical handicaps were supposed to be such a big deal. EVERYONE in life has their own personal challenges. Sometimes, they're medical challenges that affect how they physically function. That doesn't mean we should see those...
  17. Malcolm the Bear

    Starting on a club/group

    Let me put it this way: your group would potentially appeal to the ENTIRE FURRY FANDOM. If you're marketing to everybody, you're essentially marketing to nobody. I don't see how this group will add value. I don't see how it will be unique or stand out from the noise of the fandom as a...
  18. Malcolm the Bear

    Starting on a club/group

    I'm failing to understand the point of this. How does this really niche down from the Furry fandom as a whole? In over 10 years of being an active member of the fandom and meeting and seeing literally thousands of other Furries, I've MAYBE seen one or two who have never created an original...
  19. Malcolm the Bear

    Non-Smoking Smoking Habits Thread

    Interesting point: Nicotine itself isn't what people get addicted to, contrary to popular belief. Nicotine acts as a vehicle to ingrain a correlating habit into the basal ganglia far more quickly. In other words, it's what you're doing when you're ingesting the nicotine that you're REALLY...
  20. Malcolm the Bear

    Who Cares if Some People are "Sparkle Dogs"

    Or we can all just stop judging one another and let everyone have their own life's journey.