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  1. InfinityZ

    Any furs who have interests in fantasy/spiritual stuff?

    As the title suggests, i've been looking for people who have that kind of interests. Not only on RP, but like in general, as well as having characters with that kind of theme too. Would be nice to have someone to discuss about character/world making around that theme. Sci-fi stuff would also be...
  2. InfinityZ

    Are Animal Trainings Abusive?

    This topic might not sound so happy, but because i saw one of my friends at school watching a Japanese show on Youtube about training dogs, and i felt really bad for those dogs because i can see them looked obviously stressed out, being pulled and forced by the people violently for doing things...
  3. InfinityZ

    *woof* Hello there :3

    Hi everyone, my name is Nocturne, but most of people use to call me "Infinity". I'm an artist and have a lot of hobbies, such as listening to music, writing, drawing and photography sometimes. I'm pretty new here, and sorry if i act or do something weird because i'm a super weirdo XD (Not...
  4. InfinityZ

    How Many Fursonas (Or Characters) Do You Have?

    It seems weird for me since i have about 10-20 characters, but i ended up using three of them as my main fursonas. Do some of you guys have more than 1 or 2 fursonas like me?
  5. InfinityZ

    Any Evanescence Fans Here?

    I only found just one friend that is an Evanescence fan, and i'm so digging with their new album a lot. Are there any furries out there that know this band and listen to them as well? You can post your favorite Evanescence's songs down below as well. :3
  6. InfinityZ

    My Furry Discord Server

    Here is my current Discord server that i created a while ago for furries, it's just a small server but i hope you enjoy! :3 Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers