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  1. Beetle the Minty Dragon

    Finished Request

    @Diamond Creator i hope you like this!
  2. Beetle the Minty Dragon

    Moments When You Were Proud To Be A Furry

    In response to FA being attacked twice now by the same guy who really hates furries, I decided to make this thread. What moment/story do you have that made you happy and/or proud to be a furry? For me, it was when I realized just how amazing the art community here is. I came from tumblr, and so...
  3. Beetle the Minty Dragon

    Free Adoptable Fursona

    Hello! I drew a mouse fursona, but I didn't really grow attached to her. You may change her design if you wish. DM me for the transparent version without my signature!
  4. Beetle the Minty Dragon

    Gender Help for Sona

    I made art of a fursona that I've been thinking of for a while. Their name is Nettle! But, I can't figure out what their gender would be. Any suggestions?
  5. Beetle the Minty Dragon

    Dragon Icons and Trade

    Hello! I can make sideview headshots of any dragon, scaled or not, with any kind of background. These pieces will be sized like an icon, and intended to be used as such. In exchange, I would like for any sort of art of my fursona. My only rule is that you must put a watermark/signature on some...