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  1. Khei

    Art Trade: B-Day week art trades?

    So my Birthday is coming up. (Nov 27) and my husband has the week off so I thought it might be a good time to see about art trades. What I'm looking for.. Art of my DnD Tabaxi Necromancer, Leaf. Leaf on Toyhouse What I can offer.. I am still without a PC so I can only do sketchy scribbles...
  2. Khei

    Art Trade: Custom crochet plush for ref sheet.

    I need a ref sheet for my noodle, Misu. Nothing overly complicated. Just a flat colored front and back view and color swatches. I know her coloration is complicated tho. Normally I'd make the ref sheet myself but I don't know when I might be able to get a new PC and start doing digital art...
  3. Khei

    (Commission) Selling: Custom crochet plushies $20 - $100 details inside

    Time again to open up plushie commission slots again. Prices include shipping. • Dumplings - $20 Example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31948164/ •Sleeping 'sonas - $60 - $100 depending on size and complicated parts. Example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32673216/ • Nooodles - $100...
  4. Khei

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Character Auction - Pasha SB $20

    After a lot of deliberation, I've decided to offer Pasha up for auction. She was going to be my new fursona but I don't connect with her like I thought I would. This includes all rights to the character. Winner can alter her as desired. She has 12+ pieces of digital art, 2 plushies, 8 telegram...
  5. Khei

    Free Art: Free scribbles (Closed)

    So I have amigurumi commissions to do but I can't get supplies until my funds from PayPal actually hit the bank. Today is not that day so I will be at the park with my son with nothing better to do.. Likely not FCFS will be whatever sparks my muse at the time so toss me some characters and...
  6. Khei

    Art Trade: Post injury trades!

    So my brace is finally off during the day! Means I can start easing back into drawing so I'm looking at taking a few trades. My characters for art trades this time will be.. Misu on Toyhouse Or Pasha on Toyhouse Also if I owe a trade from before my injury just post here so I can get it done...
  7. Khei

    Art Trade: OCs up for trade.

    I have a bunch of characters that I never use so I'm offering them here for trade. Art, characters, customs, I'll entertain all offers. (Just ignore the prices listed. I had been selling them. ) BrnctKhei on Toyhouse
  8. Khei

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Retired OCs available for adoption ($5 minimum)

    Details on my FA journal- www.furaffinity.net: Retired OCs up for Adoption -- MarbledKitsu's Journal Offering up my roster of retired characters for sale/adoption. BrnctKhei on Toyhouse If you see one you like, DM your offer. (Bare minimum $5 CAD please.) PayPal or interac e-transfer only...
  9. Khei

    (Commission) Selling: Con Badges

    Currently taking commissions for "Poorboy" Con badges. I call these"Poorboy" badges because the lamination is clear mailing tape. (I can't afford a laminator right now) Examples: Standard.. www.furaffinity.net: Poorboy ConBadge - Lunar Lancer by MarbledKitsu www.furaffinity.net: Poorboy...
  10. Khei

    Free Art: Freebies ahoy!

    I'd like to get more art of my character, Ake. - Ake Burton on Toyhouse My gallery - Userpage of MarbledKitsu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Trading isn't working. Trades have all ended up being freebies so hell with it.. This is now a freebie thread. Post a ref. This is not FCFS. If I like it...
  11. Khei

    Custom Leather Con Badges

    Because I'm still a bit new to making these, I'm keeping the price low. $55 for standard. Minimal dye. (Example coming soon) $65 for Cutout. Minimal dye. Example: www.furaffinity.net: Leather Con Badge - Silvox by MarbledKitsu $75 for Standard. Full color. (Example coming soon) $85 for Cutout...
  12. Khei

    Retooled CFC Cards (Requests closed. Dead PC.)

    First some clarification because I KNOW people are gonna ask. CFC = Card Fighters Clash. CFC is an old Neogeo game by Capcom that hosted both Capcom and SNK characters. I CANNOT accept cashy money for my edits. I do, however, enjoy editing them. So here's the deal. You provide the following...
  13. Khei

    Destination Truth

    Yes it's "Another" Crypto/monster hunting show. The difference is that it's actually fun to watch. They say getting there is half the fun and in the case of DT it's ALL the fun. Like any Monster hunting TV show they never really see much of anything 'cept maybe a few known animals that ARE...
  14. Khei

    OH HAI! I can haz a noob thread! (Translation: Yo. New here. Sup peeps?)

    Nothing in the rules and/or guidelines for posting an intro thread said anything about lol speak.. So I felt compelled to do that.. ... Anywho.. It's safe to assume that, yes, I'm new to the forums.. I've had a gallery for years and for whatever reason the thought to actually join the forums...