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  1. DragonMaster21

    Create a Hero to fight the Villain above you!

    Pretty much the title. The person above you creates a villain, and then you make a hero to fight that villain. I'll start. The Ferromancer- uses magic to manipulate metal and aid in her thieving schemes. Can fly using the small bits of metal in her skintight body suit. She can also use the...
  2. DragonMaster21

    Describe You/ Your Character's Shadow Self!

    Basically the title. A reference to the Persona series, describe how the worst/ least flattering aspects of you or your character's personality would likely manifest as their own entity. Maybe include some of their powers and boss design. I'll wait a bit before I do mine. :P
  3. DragonMaster21

    AMA Because I'm bored and feel like it.

    Just ask me anything. Do it.
  4. DragonMaster21

    Tales of Deities OOC

    @Abyssalrider , @SlyRiolu , @Steelite Hey, so let's try to keep our OOC long-term discussions on this thread. I apologize for my absence, I have been dealing with some issues of self-confidence and social-anxiety/ depression lately. It has been immensely tolling, but I'm doing my best to get...
  5. DragonMaster21

    Mental Distortions

    Does anyone else have issues with these? I mean, say you're just hanging out with someone, do you ever get the idea that maybe they don't like you? Or that they secretly think you're stupid? It's something that happens to me a lot, as well as a few other things. It's really starting to get me...
  6. DragonMaster21

    I've Posted the First Chapter!

    I've just posted the first chapter of my in progress story on the main site. Please, take a look if you're interested. Some critique would be pretty nice, but it's mainly there for you guys to enjoy it until the whole thing's written and I go into the process of final edits so I can officially...
  7. DragonMaster21

    Wrestling Character Fur Color/ Ringname and Character Bio

    Hey, me again. I'm working on another character, this time it's a big bull wrestler-bodybuilder guy. I know that not everyone is into muscular characters or wrestling, so I won't go too into detail, but his ring attire is supposed to usually be black and purple. I'm stuck between deciding if...
  8. DragonMaster21

    Describe Your Main Menu

    honestly don't know where to put this, so I'm going to put it here. Basically, if you were to create a video game, what would the design, background music, and aesthetic of the game's main menu be? This is more of a writing thing, but it's something I've been thinking about for a while.
  9. DragonMaster21

    Dream Journals and Suggestions

    This thread can serve as a journal for anyone who wishes to jot down their recent dreams. Furthermore, I encourage the spreading of suggestions on methods of improving dream recall and possible ways to influence dreams in your day to day life.
  10. DragonMaster21

    Biggest Character Crushes in Fiction?

    Hey, just a fun thread where we can discuss our favorite crushes that we have of characters. Don't take anything too seriously. Maybe post SFW pictures, if you feel like it!
  11. DragonMaster21

    Character Species

    I'm writing a fantasy story, and I have two characters who are going to be the main protagonists in the first book. One is a human, the other an anthro. However, I'm having trouble deciding what species the Anthro should be. The character in question is a former member of a travelling band of...
  12. DragonMaster21

    I've Been Here a While...

    Just deciding to do one of these. I don't think I did this during my first stint here, so I guess it's good for me to just do one now. Around here, I usually go by my username. On the mainsite, I'm dragonmaster2149, I just forgot to put the 49 when I was creating my account here. The only...
  13. DragonMaster21

    Hug, Give, Boop, Backrub, or PUNISH?

    A game where you can hug, give a gift to, boop, backrub, or punish the user above you. You should give a reason as to why. Keep punishments PG please.
  14. DragonMaster21

    Post a Song/ Video to Describe Your Current Mood

    Pretty much like the picture, but for songs and videos. Here's mine.
  15. DragonMaster21

    Just an Idea * Interest Check*

    This is just an idea that I've been thinking of. It will not be started for quite a long time, not until my current RP I'm hosting is finished. I've learned a long time ago that hosting multiple things at the same time is... not a good idea. The premise of this RP would be a modern slice of...
  16. DragonMaster21

    Something Happens to the User Above You...

    But what is it? That's for you to decide. It can be positive or negative. It can be something you do, or just some random event. Just keep it SFW, though.
  17. DragonMaster21

    Post A Picture to Describe Your Current Moodd

    Pretty much what the title says. Describe your mood with a picture. Moods change, so this should be fun to watch.
  18. DragonMaster21

    Sometimes I Wonder...

    There's been a question flying through my mind, lately...
  19. DragonMaster21

    Honestly Need Some Critique

    I am currently in the process of writing a mass crossover set in Zootopia, and while the reviews I have received are mostly positive, I would appreciate a little more critique. This draws inspiration from and utilizes characters and concepts from many different series. This is a repost from the...
  20. DragonMaster21

    Weirdest Things That Have Happened To You

    I've come to realize that life can be strange. Very strange, even though my life is... rather boring. So, I'd like to know: What are some of the strangest things that have happened to you? It can be anything. Just... keep it SFW, if you don't mind.