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  1. Furrium

    Overrated and Underrated Opinions

    Overrated: Marvel Underrated: DC
  2. Furrium

    Famous Last Words

    “Blitzkrieg” (Far Cry 3)
  3. Furrium

    Country curiosities

    It was snowing in St. Petersburg in the morning.
  4. Furrium

    Welcome to Paleolithic Camp

    I am a stone
  5. Furrium

    Pet Peeves

    It pisses me off that every fucking day in the morning I need to clean my glasses for five minutes because they have stains on them. I wipe my glasses with a napkin and other stains appear.
  6. Furrium

    Cream in coffee or tea

    I add so little cream to tea that the change in tea mass after adding cream must be measured on an analytical balance)
  7. Furrium

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    Why, when I walk in a crowd and walk quickly, the person in front of me will definitely stop or want to turn around. Or the other person wants to walk perpendicular to the direction of the crowd. It pisses me off.
  8. Furrium

    Things you have regretted purchasing

    You cannot buy unnecessary things if you have no money.
  9. Furrium

    Thread of breads

  10. Furrium

    Favorite home town dish? (Food discussion.)

    Oladi is a kind of Russian dish, essentially the same as pancakes.
  11. Furrium

    Favorite home town dish? (Food discussion.)

    Everyone knows about Russian cuisine, but there are dishes that have appeared in my city - St. Petersburg. One of these dishes is crumpets. This dish is similar to donuts, but completely different and contains a lot of oil. They like to eat with coffee, there are establishments that make...
  12. Furrium

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    If you give a blind man a basketball, what will he read ?
  13. Furrium


    My dog and cat love to play
  14. Furrium

    Predators and prey

    I'm bored(
  15. Furrium

    Cute thread

  16. Furrium

    Predators and prey

    Bring a ray of light to your dark kingdom