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  1. Frisky1753

    someone tried to vore me

    .... and it was like nonconsensual, I was like obviously not in a good place (just had an anxiety attack) and the guy thought it was cool and normal to start an RP like that (might've actually been like, dismemberment :( ) I want to trust the guy but like I was obviously troubled before that...
  2. Frisky1753

    I could be just gay

    maybe there's like feeling of pressure to be straight or otherwise at home (or homo), I don't care anymore, I just want to be happy and mellow for once in my life
  3. Frisky1753

    fetishes and phobia and furry

    I think I figured out my reason for being a furry if fetishes and phobias are linked I think I was deeply afraid of skin/human flesh growing up, probably too many horror movies growing up didn't help. So maybe fur (or even scales etc.) felt protective in some way? and I said maybe it made me...
  4. Frisky1753

    why do fetishes happen in your opinion

    I don't really know but sometimes I think vore is because of that word 'consummation' gets mistaken for 'consume-ation' As far as hyper, maybe households feels kind of /conservative/ at times (though maybe not intentionally) but like would the go-to insult "happy horse shit" kind of imply...
  5. Frisky1753

    famous celebrities as furries

    javier BEARDOM honestly that's all I got for now
  6. Frisky1753

    is furry a more cuddly version of the 'id'

    yes like Freudian psychology I'd post the journal itself but it gets rambly so here's the good parts " oh no but I was getting deep, I like to troll sometimes when people use the word "ego death", isn't being uncloseted (even if just bi) sort of "ego death", or some people fear admitting the...
  7. Frisky1753

    lol "Bear" subculture can sound dangerously furry at times

    Some terminology relating to the Bear community includes: Admirer - a term that refers to someone who is sexually or romantically attracted to Bears (this term is often used in various communities to describe an outsider who has sexual attraction to people within that community). Also often...
  8. Frisky1753

    honest question: how many bi people here were bi "in fantasy"/with furry stuff first

    I think that's clear enough. I know plenty of times where people said they were bi 'for the art' etc. and I mean pretty sure IT HAPPENS outside of the furry community where people will fantasize about same-sex behavior way before they're serious about it irl, or by their porn habits you'd think...
  9. Frisky1753

    David Lynch um what's up with David Lynch?

    um wow mehhhhhhh um yeah jesus h is that why he's David Lynch R M D is it like 'rubbed' holy hell um that's not bisexual though jesus h eh something UP with the guy though, I swear just a little teed off he has such a bad image of it but like would he think 'bisexual' cause of...
  10. Frisky1753

    alex jones pussy destroyer '97 (got the powerup (hotdogs and tacos)) and beatdagame

    the media holding up 'nobility'? lol did he look like, b only wants to be friends with d real oath is seeing if you can? with a (Radiohead Lotus Flower lol?) dem water bottles and uh was he like, a fox marksman? holy
  11. Frisky1753

    'Robin Hood' or Honest 'G'ohn

  12. Frisky1753

    knew it

    kscale protractorg c a 3
  13. Frisky1753

    re: closet straight

    what I'd always be to the stoner pizza place but not to luigi dude he understands the dynamics of pizza better or something lol
  14. Frisky1753

    would 'closeted straightness' be a good troll/social commentary

    robin hood style I mean if he's bi........ just the straight interest is kinda closeted
  15. Frisky1753

    pm me for the ultimate theory of everything why furry exists

    too political for in public