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  1. Furrium

    What prevents a person from becoming a monster in an instant ?

    Nasty murders have been happening in my city lately. Killers chop off limbs and this is becoming more and more common. A transvestite with severed hands was found in the swamp; the husband came to work to his wife, shot her and chopped off her head; the woman's finger was cut off to unlock...
  2. Furrium

    What's your favorite philosopher ?

    What is your favorite philosopher and if you want to tell me why? Or at least tell me in what era did this philosopher live? Personally, I cannot say about my preferences, because I have not fully studied philosophy, I have only reached the philosophy of modern times.
  3. Furrium

    In what college, university did you study, study or are you going to study? Tell us how you studied, did you like it or not, and what impressions and

    My story: I study at the St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Materials Science of Nanomaterials and Nanosystems. Yes, you do not know about this institute, but I chose it only because I wanted to enter the specialty "Chemical technology", but it did not work out. Over the past...
  4. Furrium

    How would you color this mug ?

    I recently bought an airbrush and now I am tempted to draw everything, but this is not about that. I bought a mug and thought to paint it, and I want to do it in a very original way and unusual, but I have no ideas. Suggest, please, an idea or how you would color it.
  5. Furrium

    What is more important: the term of a political leader in power or the result of his activities ?

    I was asked by political science to answer this question. I've already answered it, but I wondered how others would answer this rather controversial question. In answering this question, I will speak neither for nor against. In my opinion, it is better for a political leader to rule for a long...
  6. Furrium

    Why is modern music like farting with a mixture of Arabic, Indian and English?

    Seriously, I don't understand modern songs. Lately I have been listening to Chopin very often and modern music compared to that this shit. Bits, someone farting, and some dude I can't see, but I'm sure he's wearing an open jacket and short pants, trying to tell me with chunks of a sentence in...
  7. Furrium

    How is «a piece of iron» capable of storing information?

    I'm just bored. You probably never thought about this? How is a computer able to store information? You can watch your photos, chat with other people, watch videos, play games. And all this is capable of making a piece of metal, although non-metal too. An inanimate object is capable of...
  8. Furrium

    What do you know about cool flags of cities?

    Just so that you know on the flag of the city of Iskitim two beavers are shown who are fighting for a spatula. Stick your meanings, lions, eagles and other vexillology in your ass. Two beaver and spatula. That's all I wanted to say.
  9. Furrium

    Share an easy-to-cook recipe for some delicious food

    Unfortunately, the circumstances are such that I can’t go to the store and buy a dinosaur egg or an owl’s ass, and I don’t like adding sausages to instant noodles and eat sausage sandwiches anymore, so I need to develop.
  10. Furrium


    What do you usually do when you're bored ? Threads on the FAF are rare, browse social networks, play video games is boring, there is enough interest for only a few minutes. Watching videos on YouTube is also not interesting, but you need to want to watch training videos, for a trip to a museum...
  11. Furrium

    Tell us about your work

    What are you doing there that even give you money for it ???
  12. Furrium

    Conversation about art

    No kidding Post your favorite paintings, but this painting should not be: -about furry -painted by you or -be a joke or meme Post any paintings, modern or antique. Well,I will start This picture was painted by the artist with the namesake with the hero of the film Pirates of the...
  13. Furrium

    What are you best at ?

    Do nothing and spoil everything Maybe you are the best player in any game, or are you the better understand any lesson than your classmates, or you cook better than all your friends. It is not necessary to be the best in the world, what are you better at least your friends ?
  14. Furrium

    Tell any joke on any topic

    It is best to have it without a picture or meme and to be neutral, that is, not sexual or racist, but this is ideal. But violations of this rule are allowed.
  15. Furrium

    How can people spend money on commissions ?

    Oh, I feel like I’m not working my own way, but I’m interested. I hope that I will not offend anyone with this. I am very surprised how people calmly spend money on commissions. I understand that everyone has a different income and therefore everyone has different value for money, but in fact...
  16. Furrium

    Let's talk about math

    Today is the international day of Pi-number that everyone uses, but not everyone knows what it is and why, so why not devote this post to mathematics, just like that, without any meaning. Tell us about your relationship with mathematics, post various funny pictures / memes related to...
  17. Furrium

    Do you watch movies carefully or just for fun?

    Watch you movies carefully, analyze them: the plot, the game of actors, special effects, etc., or watch them just for fun, like the movie "Hummingbird Effect", it doesn’t matter who plays the role or the special effects are not important to you, but you just like how Jason State hits everyone...
  18. Furrium

    How to get rid of artistic depression ?

    For a long time I thought, in what section of the forums to ask this question, but most likely its place is here. I recently, as I began to draw, began an artistic depression, and with each passing day, the drawing becomes more and more powerful. I just see that others paint beautifully, but I...
  19. Furrium

    How to draw furry toon ?

    I paint ordinary furries (although I paint it is greatly exaggerated), but I always wanted to be able to draw cartoons, it seems to me that this is more beautiful, but it seems to me that a person’s brain can be configured only for one style Give advice or any guide on this topic, or should I...