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  1. Diretooth

    Relatively new Let's Player needs your help!

    Hello, I am Diretooth, and I'm working on doing Let's Plays of different games for fun and entertainment. My goal for this is to play games I enjoy, or others suggest, while managing to be entertaining enough for people to enjoy my videos. At present, I'm still relatively new as well as fairly...
  2. Diretooth

    Still Night: An ongoing horror story tangentally about zombies.

    Still Night | Tapas A few months ago, I had an idea. What if I wrote a horror story combining the various tropes found throughout all zombie media, mixed with a little bit of human drama, as well as some general weirdness and attempts at some degree of realism in regards to how zombies would...
  3. Diretooth

    Game of the Gods: A science fantasy story about games and gods.

    www.furaffinity.net: Game of the Gods: Part One by Diretooth 'The world is in crisis, and yet, everyone clings to the faintest hope that everything will be fixed with little trouble. And that is why we are doomed.' Sora Erron is cynical. Living in a future world where reality has been augmented...
  4. Diretooth

    Story Time!

    What is this? This is a forum game where someone posts a part to a story and leaves it off to where other people can continue it. Rules: You must continue along the thread of the previous post. If you post, but another person posts first, your post is rendered non-canon. You may edit said post...
  5. Diretooth

    Looking for music software help.

    I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong part of the forums. I've recently been looking into making music, but due to where I live, I do not have the means to learn an instrument or acquire one, and thus have to use programs to even attempt to make something. Currently, the only one I've...
  6. Diretooth

    A Re-Introduction

    Around three years ago, I made an account on these forums and never did anything with it. I go by the username of 'Diretooth', which is the name of my OC from one of various books I've written, that I haven't gotten around to getting published because I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I am twenty...
  7. Diretooth

    Hello there.

    Hi, my username's Diretooth. My real name will most likely never be revealed. I'm a seventeen year old man, heterosexual, and very tolerant of many things. I'm a friendly guy who will have any kind of discussion with anyone, but within reason. I am not a Furry, but an anthro artist and a...