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  1. zeroPony

    What in life drives you?

    As an employee, I'm happy when my work (inner automatization) increases other's productivity or reduces costs. In other words, when I make value for the company. As a typical person, emotions energize me. Books, movies, anime, art, music, travelling, meeting new interesting people and so on...
  2. zeroPony

    all things Raspberry Pi

    Just some notes. If you can, try RPi and other media players. I have RPi 3B and it sucks with Full HD video (depends of codec). At the same time my 10 years old ASUS O!Play HDP-R1 media player is still good at Full HD content! And keep in mind that GPIO uses 3.3V level (instead of 5V at Arduino)...
  3. zeroPony

    Just shly waving.

    I move video to a spoiler section ^_^
  4. zeroPony

    Just shly waving.

    Hiya! Take a look to band Gregorian. Not a Latin lyrics, but sounds interesting. Take a look to: Sidilarsen - French Seigmen - Norse My respect for Pnevmoslon. Their lyrics is damn good!
  5. zeroPony

    Do you prefer laptops, tablets, phones and other portables or desktops?

    I prefer the desktop, because it's more powerful than laptops. However I use my laptop from work, because all software is already set up. Phone for anything else (reading e-books, youtube, maps, navigation, browsing in spare time and so on). Month ago I took my brother's 7" tablet for a while...
  6. zeroPony

    Recommended Programs

    KeePass -- password manager. Best use with cloud-sync like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc foobar2000 -- audio player. I've been using it for about 13 years. You can easily customize interface, easily work with tags, file moving/renaming etc Unreal Commander -- free alternative of Total Commander...
  7. zeroPony

    Post Your Taskbar

    I pin apps which I use often. You can launch them with hotkeys Win+1, Win+2 etc. Explorer you can launch with Win+E.
  8. zeroPony

    getting a 3.5'' lcd touch screen on a raspberry pi 4 to work

    First of all, you should use `sudo systemctl status dhcpd` because only super user can run or stop services. Second, you typed 'sytemctl' and 'ssystemctl' instead of systemctl. Third, in terminal you can use autocomplete by Tab-key. And take a look to official documentation.
  9. zeroPony

    Sketchbook: zero's works

    Okay, here's something new from me. I fell in love with fineliners and brush pens ♥ Haida. Original by Meowmavi, however I haven't found the source. Wolfy Girl by Silver-Spirit666
  10. zeroPony

    New artist!

    Hewwo! And welcome :)
  11. zeroPony

    HP ProLiant ML350 G5 Server Drivers and OS Questions

    Choose OS which you know better. Server seems to be old, so all problems should be well known and solved. Some distros has page about servers, Debian for example. And search info about specific hardware support, of course.
  12. zeroPony

    Windows 7 Enterprise Bluescreen

    If swap-file is turned on in your system, you can analyze minidump of memory after BSOD. You can use tools like 'BlueScreenView', 'kdfe.cmd' or 'MiniDumper'. I used first two, but MiniDumper seems most recent.
  13. zeroPony

    Breakcore? Speedcore?

    Just in case if 'happy hardcore' counts.
  14. zeroPony

    Breakcore? Speedcore?

    I listened to something like that back in 2008-2010. Mostly from LapFox Trax / VULPvibe records label (yeah, I know that it's the same person). Here's some of my favs If you have something interesting, share it, I'm interested too :)
  15. zeroPony

    What is your connection with your fursona?

    My prev fursona was a fox about 13-15 years ago. It was a kind of person I want to be friends with. With time I realized that I became this type of person. Now 'sona for me is a kind of personality I'd want to be.
  16. zeroPony

    What topic(s) are you really passionate about?

    I like to talk about IT, computer related stuff and electronics in common. It's always interesting to explain complex things in a simple way.
  17. zeroPony

    Sketchbook: zero's works

    For about 7 years I made some sketches, mostly redraws from other pictures. My friend told me that I should share them. I'd like to get feedback and inspiration from you. Here we go! Most recent work I've done this week. Keith and Natani from TwoKinds. Sweet couple ♥ Source The only original...
  18. zeroPony

    Whats your perfect environment?

    I live in apartment in a big industrial city. There's often smog, dust, dirt in mid-seasons. So I'd prefer private house or apartment in 2-3 floor building in more healthy place. And I don't like too warm and too cold weather. -10...+20 °C optimal for me.