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  1. Lugia

    Looking for Psychologist related Furries for friends :)

    Hi, if you are wondering I don't exactly need help or anything urgent, i've been treated in the past many times to therapy and hypnosis therapy (adhd, ocd, depression and bipolar free ever since without ever taking drugs). Please, 'friends' should be in CAPS as FRIENDS in the title. I am...
  2. Lugia

    FCN MAIN ROOM Spots Available! Females mostly please!

    DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST I will not check for comments here! Please contact me at skype: eternalskyy or FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lugia/ or email! Phoenixlugia [at] yahoo [dot] com with subject: FCN room. UPDATE: Wanting to find more people! Especially females! $40 for the...
  3. Lugia

    DESIGN CONTEST (name/ art/ ideas): Win MONEY + custom ART + freebies!

    Please view all details here: http://eternalskyy.deviantart.com/#/d3mskm6 prizes for names/art/abilities are in cash and also in prizes and custom art :-D I will check this thread for anyone who needs to reply via within the forum, and this will be posted to my furaffinity (do they allow...
  4. Lugia

    A Lugia Fanatic who is now turning more furry ish XD haha. Hola.

    Helloooo, i'm the popular arist Eternalskyy from deviantart, once known as AnimeWaterDragon holding the world's largest Lugia collection known thus far. I'm always open to making new friends hopefully staying amongst furaffinity mroeso than forum based chatting since i'm not big on forums, but...
  5. Lugia

    ~*Suggestions? :) *~

    Hiya! I couldn't figure out how to navigate well yet i'm brand new to the forum... I hope it's okay if I list some suggestions! 1) A suggestion category in threads - or help me find it? 2) A fursuit category in furaffinity: full/partials/pieces ...? 3) Folders for the gallery section 4) Custom...