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  1. Evan of Phrygia

    Djent; Trend Or Subgenre

    Getting some research done on djent, so I'd please ask you to fill out the survey. Need some primary research, you will remain anonymous, blah blhbity blah. So do you feel that djent itself is a subgenre or a musical trend/fad? Examples of djent: Meshuggah, Periphery, TesseracT, Born of...
  2. Evan of Phrygia

    Tides Chatroom .-.

    Yeah. I don't know. http://tinychat.com/kiyoshievan will bump, as well as poast a journal on fa
  3. Evan of Phrygia


    The title pretty much sums it up. If you have a musical weapon, post a photo of your baby here. I shall start with my drumset (partial) And my school's tenor set that i march. Come on now, post some photos of your instruments. NOW >:I
  4. Evan of Phrygia

    The Classical/Concert/Orchestra/Contemporary/Soundtrack Thread

    I didn't currently see a thread for classical/symphony band music, so I thought, "why not?" Anyways, here are some pieces. The following are ones we are supposed to or worked on for more than a day for the upcoming concert. The ones I have played in Wind Ensemble were- Metroplex (Three...
  5. Evan of Phrygia

    Parody Movie Trailers (Kinda Furry)

    My pit instructor told us about this site one day during a break, and she said she was left in hysterics. I kind of agree. Please lemme know if anyone's already linked this, but i've yet to see it. Fair Warning: it's a little trippy...
  6. Evan of Phrygia

    Vance The Wolf

    Vance The Wolf/Fennec So here's some aspects of my fursona. Name: Vance Burke Sex: Male Species: Gray Wolf/Fennec Hybrid Height: 5'11'' Age:23 Weight: 160 lbs. Appearance-Hair and fur: Slightly longer Dark gray fur with a dirty white underbelly. Long black hair-straight. Dyed some of the bangs...
  7. Evan of Phrygia

    36 posts overdue introduction

    Hey. umm, yeah. i guess i should have introduced myself before going straight into the threads :/ i'll be succint -Musician, Percussion for 5 years, piano for about 10 -Progressive music ftw -Sometimes write stories and songs -Wants to study music proffessionally, or psychology -In...