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  1. Dreaming

    Ever Have Random Violent Thoughts?

    Stuff that I wouldn't dare to talk about because I prefer living in the outside world
  2. Dreaming

    awsome gas prices!

    Huh... it's something like $1.80 for one liter or something like that. I don't know what that is in gallons, it's probably pricey in comparison.
  3. Dreaming

    What is it called when an animal's ears are folded back?

    Jtrekkie pretty much gave you the best answer, there's no other way of specifically naming it because it's usually followed by other expressions
  4. Dreaming

    My first time on Omegle

    I haven't touched Omegle after what I saw the last time, holy shit I haven't looked at a hairbrush the same way since
  5. Dreaming

    What is it called when an animal's ears are folded back?

    It means that they're slightly pissy but not totally agressive or something
  6. Dreaming

    Legality of FA outside of USA?

    I doubt that they'd take action over one photo, honestly
  7. Dreaming

    things you just dont understand

    oh man, actually you've got a point there unless you're into some really kinky shit
  8. Dreaming

    Do you know or do you not know what you are getting for this holiday?

    Well it wouldn't be much of a surprise if I knew... so I know I'm getting a few surprises
  9. Dreaming

    Who Is Your Waifu FaF?

    Get out they're mine
  10. Dreaming

    Who Is Your Waifu FaF?

    I shouldn't say until they know that they're mine, or before they discover their true feelings for me, or before I even find them, or before they even exist... i'm so lonely
  11. Dreaming

    Grommr and growlr

    Wait, what? Who said anything about body judgement?
  12. Dreaming

    Grommr and growlr

    When you said "larger men" I thought you meant muscles but... woah
  13. Dreaming

    Why aren't you getting swole, FaF?

    When I last checked my weight I was pretty much dead, though the good side is that it's easier for stronger people to throw me further
  14. Dreaming

    Community Improvements?

    that's not sure enough, we need to shoot the ashes into the sun
  15. Dreaming

    Community Improvements?

    Water cooler in the office please I reckon we need to work on a pop-up that punches you in the face whenever you go to make a new thread, with shit like "only the murderers care about where you live"
  16. Dreaming

    I feel like I'm gonna be alone forever.

    Giving up hope is the final insult, OP. Go out, get wasted and see who you wake up with in the morning.
  17. Dreaming

    things you just dont understand

    I don't understand why so many places are so eager to avoid deleting accounts. Everyone gives you the same bullshit too... "sorry, it damages our software!", which usually means "some guy tried it a few years ago and totally fucked it up so now we don't even try". Maybe it's just the software...
  18. Dreaming

    things you just dont understand

    I don't understand how you can run into the back of a parked car, driving up hill on a residential street. Not only that, but how anyone can pull that off without bending the other guy's fender and someone wrecking their car beyond recognition I think that's the most Norwegian thing I've seen...
  19. Dreaming

    USA restoring relations with Cuba

    Where was the US getting its supply of big cigars and mojitos anyway?