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  1. Fay V

    Fursuiting Guide 2.0 Questions needed

    Hey guys, Some of you may know the fursuiting guide I came up with a few years ago, you can find it here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8789179/ Currently I am working on version 2.0, a guide where I cover basically everything about fursuits except how to make one. I'm currently collecting...
  2. Fay V

    What's shakin?

    Hi FaF, Apparently someone performed an 8th level summon of AdamasVulpi How have things been on the old forum, any of the old guard actually left or did they all run off to greener pastures? Uh let's see. I can't remember when I was last here, god 3 years ago maybe? I got my Master's in Higher...
  3. Fay V

    Tarot Project (Iron Artist type project)

    I'm opening up slots for a tarot card style commission making a full deck. The information is available here. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6246393/ The prices are between 30-40 depending on card type. All images have background and are fully shaded. Visual refs are preferred, but I will...
  4. Fay V

    Pay what you want commissions

    I'm doing some fast turn around commissions. you decide what you pay and I decide the type of commission and pose. I'll be streaming these commissions over the next few days and will post the results here, weasyl, and my Fa when it's back up. My paypal is Fayvee@hotmail.com Please fill out...
  5. Fay V

    Cards Against Humanity Online

    Let's see if we can get a game going It'll be an 8 player game, first come, first serve (sorry) ~Please don't start bullshit drama ~Please try to use your FA name or the name you are known by here ~Only be a terrible person with your cards Go here: http://pyx-2.socialgamer.net/ Game run by...
  6. Fay V

    Philosophical Discussion

    I want an intelligent discussion FaF and rather than go with the average "no one is arguing with you anyway" type discussions about big stuff, and I don't want to push buttons with "maybe your life could be better" shit. So let's go for philosophy. Philosophy of Ethics, Metaphysics, ancient...
  7. Fay V


    Let's have a chat about nepotism in the work place, or more seriously the fact that to get a career it's a lot of "who you know" For pretty much anything networking is just a fact of life. For instance my MA is heavily focused in attending conferences and having guest speakers and encouraging...
  8. Fay V

    Taking Requests while FA is down

    I have office hours and need to fill my time. Post a reference and have a clear request in mind, or not, whatever. This is not first come first serve, I'll draw whatever inspires me. Pose and level of detail are determined by me. So have at. I'll post the results here and on my weasyl...
  9. Fay V

    Philosophy of the Mind

    I've been away for...well a while anyway and I feel I should at least attempt to make a semi interesting thread. Seeing as I was once the Philosofox lets have a discussion about philosophy. Today's topic, philosophy of the mind. We can start with the central question, what is the mind and...
  10. Fay V

    Tiny Chat, Back from the dead

    I know some of you may have missed this. Let's chat and catch up. http://tinychat.com/fayv Offline
  11. Fay V

    Average comic draft cost?

    So I'm doing some research into comics a bit. I know there's a standard for professionals but I was wondering about average fandom costs for page drafts. Drafting as in, a full script is provided and an artist is needed to draw out the basic panels and body placement. All the sketch details...
  12. Fay V

    Stream requests

    I have a bit of time before going to the movies, so i'll do a couple of requests in stream. I'll pick based on interest, please have an accurate ref handy if you're interested. Check it out here. www.livestream.com/fayv
  13. Fay V

    What determines your sleep direction?

    This occurred to me recently when talking to my parents after a recent trip. So you're used to sleeping a certain way in your home, but when you go on a trip how do you determine which way you sleep? My father is someone that orients himself to the room. He'll sleep on the same side of the bed...
  14. Fay V

    Commissions Open

    Opening my commissions again. Prices: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7064639/ Icons: 15$ 500x500 and 150x150 copies standard, will resize on request Sketches: 5$, extra charged for large groups Chibis: 15$, 2$ per extra character, 5$ for background (more for more details) Flats: 25$, 3$ per...
  15. Fay V

    Foxtopus Project

    I want to do something. I need a major project, and I have thought of the funniest fake suit. The foxtopus. So I have turned to you, gracious forums, for ideas on how to pull this off. This is what I'll be trying to mimic. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6262056/ So my idea was to make a...
  16. Fay V

    wtf retail!

    So as you know I am a cashier. A damn good on at that. Considering that many Faf residents are stuck in retail or service jobs I thought we could all share our wtf stories. This just so weird that occurred with a customer. This morning an older woman was walking by our chalk board sign. We set...
  17. Fay V

    Is there is a flaw in character development, or am I not the right demographic

    So the majority of people on FaF are aware of characters, in movies, stories, and so on. If not well...go back to your rock that seems to get wifi coverage. Now like all things meant to sell, there are certain tricks to character development, especially in movies and shows. For instance, give...
  18. Fay V

    Streaming: A few free sketches.

    I need some down time and am doing a stream session right now so I'm offering a few free sketches. Nothing mature or adult. I'll pick which suggestions I like. THis is just small simple stuff for fun. if you're interested check out www.livestream.com/fayv
  19. Fay V

    When are you no longer "you"? And when do you lose your rights?

    So for those that don't know I have been taking a cognitive psych course this semester. I have also been watching a lot of "the Walking Dead" which has combined into some interesting philosophical thought, and I kinda wanna discuss it with you guys. For the sake of simplicity Walking Dead...
  20. Fay V

    Cabin Fever (Updated)

    I started writing again after years and I thought I would make use of the writer's forum. Right now I only have the beginning, but as it says in the description I think a story ought to catch attention within the first two pages. So right now I just want to see if it is coming off as...