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  1. codewolf

    Hi....i'm old :D

    well, life has been slightly better for me recently, so i thought why not waste some time and get back on the FA forums, Some of you already know me (a lot of the old trolls ;) ) and some of you dont, so for those that dont, I'm Codewolf, and if you're not careful i'll lock your posts (in-joke...
  2. codewolf

    The 2nd Coming Of the Code

    Well people, its been nearly 3 months now since i last showed my muzzle around here, turns out that the company i went to work for were a load of (insert words here) and eventually screwed me over, which means now that i have more time on my hands to once again start visiting these hallowed...
  3. codewolf

    Codewolf Hangs Up his Cape....

    Hey guys and girls, I am posting to let you guys know i will be resigning my moderator position due to work commitments taking up most of my time and with the next month or so being a very very busy time for for me. This Leaves (currently) The two Moderators Rhianor and Blade, and i want...
  4. codewolf

    Code: now on holiday.

    Well Guys and girls after my recent post i have decided that i will be taking a break from the forum for 2 or 3 days to calm down and level my head off, i have spent way too much time on the forums recently.... be good while i'm gone... - Code Out
  5. codewolf

    Roleplaying (RP)

    Ok, i have noticed a few users trying now, please note that RP is not allowed on the forums. - CODE
  6. codewolf

    London Furmeet 31/5/08

    Ok as we have had quite a few new britfurs sign up here recently i thought i'd post this: every 3 weeks there is a furmeet in london (not too far from blackfriars station) and the next one is on the 31st May 2008 from 12:00 (midday) - 18:00, for more info either go to http://forums.ukfur.org...
  7. codewolf

    Back to Life

    Well, i only been gone for a week or so.....miss me?? XD but now my exams are over and i can actually go go down a stress level back to the normal amount i will be back on the forums again...so beware all ye macros!!!! XD
  8. codewolf

    Image Macros On The Forum

    Ok, recently there have been a lot of people posting image macros which have been taking the threads that they are posted in completely off topic. Image macros, as the rules state, are actually not allowed on the forums as currently stated in the rules (which are in plain view at the top of...
  9. codewolf

    IPB password validation.

    right, im currently writing a site thats going to be using the database from an invision power board forum (not my choice...i hate the bloody program) and am having a bit of trouble working out how they hash the password to the database as i need it for validation for the password box (normally...
  10. codewolf


    well as much as some may think "oh no not him"... i am indeed back again after my christmas hiatus, so to those that i missed sending the messages to... i hope you had a great christmas and i wish everyone the best for '08, now thats said..time to get a cup of tea :)
  11. codewolf

    Stopping Smoking

    Yes, it is true, i will be trying (once again) to kick the habit so if i am short-tempered towards any of you, or a little bit tetchy, then i do apologise in advance.....
  12. codewolf

    RBW UK report

    Ok, ladies gentlemen and those that arent quite sure yet! i have just got back from my first ever con, RBW, and i must say that it was absolutely brilliant, we had the amazing 2 'the ranting' gryphon, UltraViolet, Kei Hound, among many other brilliant talented artists and furs (whom, if i...
  13. codewolf

    Site Status - Current News On Transfer

    for those that want the technical jargon: for those that want it in english: there are a few other things to be done too.... so expect FA back up within a few days.
  14. codewolf

    Im back :D

    well after a forced hiatus from the net (moving house) i am now back to pester the lot of you so nyah!!! XD
  15. codewolf

    Fox Amoore Turns another year older

    I just want to wish Fox Amoore a happy birthday today :) have a good one mate :) and dont do anything i wouldnt do (read, write etc :P)
  16. codewolf


    Are there any furries on here who ride?? Currently im only riding a 125cc, got a 600 yamaha lined up for august when i take my test.
  17. codewolf


    Im quite a sporty kinda guy (even though i dont really look it) and i was wondering what kind of sports people do?
  18. codewolf

    taking you waaay back

    taking you way back to furaffinity 30th january 2005 or even 16th January 2006 have fun people ;)
  19. codewolf

    Essex, Herts, and London

    its going to be summer shortly so hopefully most people will be free to do stuff... was wondering who is up to go to somewhere around london this summer and have a general gathering at a pub for a few brews and games of pool, i personally have never met another fur in real life and thought it...
  20. codewolf

    Tea or Coffee??

    me and a couple of mates were having a debate earlier......... what is drunk more? tea or coffee (yea we had nothing better to do :P ) so what do you drink more of?