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  1. anotherbloodywolf


    So... Many of you may have already seen about it, however, for those who have not - here it is! Not only will it give an end to the time honoured street party with tea, cakes and cucumber sandwiches BUT IT MAY BRING ABOUT A NATIONS NEWFOUND LOVE OF ROYAL EVENTS! Unfortunately, it seems...
  2. anotherbloodywolf

    Something in the water?

    After a conversation with one of my friends today, I realised something strange. Looking back at my past, I have grown up with SO many people that have recently come out. In my year at primary school there were 12 of us, and out of that, 2 girls have come out and 3 guys (me included). That...
  3. anotherbloodywolf

    Religion or politics?

    Picture this: You're reading something like a new scientist, watching the news etc. and you see something about religious people (any religion) trying to change something, and you disagree. Alternatively, you're reading/watching something and you see how politicians are intefering in things that...
  4. anotherbloodywolf


    Anyone got any tips or links to useful sites to help with drawing fast moving water (rapids)? I've been trying to redraw a picture of me kayaking but I keep hitting a snag when it comes to the water, it either looks like it's not aerated or it's not water at all which is really frustrating!
  5. anotherbloodywolf

    spooks is back!

    spooks is back, and oh god was it good. i can't believe its been a year since i last heard ros, harry and all the rest. it picked up from the last series so well that it felt like it was only on a few weeks long break! can't wait for next week now (and i hope that the bbc3 preview starts next week)!