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  1. Banana Shake

    (Commission) Selling: The Banana Stand! [Prices starting at 5$ - 25$] OPEN!

    Hey there good people, welcome to the banana stand! || I accept payment over Paypal, and prices are all on USD. Once you claim your spot, I'll send you a invoice. || || Pieces take between 1 to 3 days to be delivered, but ones with background may take longer. || || Your image will be...
  2. Banana Shake

    Free Art: Free art! [CLOSED]

    Yea that's what you heard :D I need 4 people to offer me their OCs so I can use the art I make as commission example :) - It's not first come, first serve. I'll prioritize OCs with clear ref sheets. - Both male and female characters accepted; - No NSFW scenes; - Your drawing will be on a flat...
  3. Banana Shake

    Sketchbook: Banana Studio

    'Sup. I'll post here my kind-of-daily sketches that never see the light of my gallery :3 Please don't steal or trace my sketches, thanks :3
  4. Banana Shake

    A wild banana appears!

    Hello there everyone! I'm Banana Shake, but you may call me Banana, or Shake, or Smoothie, or some random made-up nickname you make on the go, I'm friendly (potentially chatty) and will embrace the new name lol So uh, yeah, I'm new here and I hope I can make some friends! How's everyone faring...