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  1. zacharida

    Parallel universes

    Okay, i know somebody might have posted about this before but what if there is actually a parallel universe where we actually are our fursonas and in that dimension we imagine ourselves as being humans and instead of furry cons we go to human cons and wear human costumes. and also, a they say...
  2. zacharida

    Anybody else struggling through freshman year?

    Hey guys. just wondering if anybody else is, like me, struggling through freshman year in highschool because their teachers are....well to put it bluntly, assholes. anyways yeah ive been struggling through the year as i try and keep my grades passing and try and keep these conservative fucks off...
  3. zacharida

    Can anyone make art of my sona for free?

    Hey ive been wondering if someone could make art of my sona FOR FREE. Im unable to pay and so i just would appreciate some art of my Fwolf Zacharida Strifecaster. if you want ill provide some details but it can be any kind of art whatsoever. ok now for details. Gender: male age: 13 sexuality...
  4. zacharida

    Tell me about your fursona!

    I have finished my fursona creation and would like to hear about your fursonas.heres a quick description of my fursona species:arctic fox/wolf color:gray with white stripes with blonde and purple messy hair gender:male apparrel: brown skater shoes with a tied belt(color red) and black emo...