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  1. Malcolm the Bear

    Political Survey

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to gather some field research on certain political trends, and I've created a brief survey (9 questions) that I'm trying to get filled out by as many people as possible. Right now, I'm especially lacking in data from Republicans, so if you're out there, I would greatly...
  2. Malcolm the Bear

    What's your current TV schedule?

    Just out of curiosity, what currently-airing TV shows (i.e. they're still making new episodes, even if they're between seasons as of this exact date) do you make it a point to watch regularly? Are there any that you're adamant about not missing a single episode? Over the past couple years...
  3. Malcolm the Bear

    Your Christmas Haul 2013

    Yep, it's that thread--the place to brag about the neat trinkets, baubles, and toys you got this year that are really special to you. You don't necessarily have to list EVERYTHING you got, but at least tell us the big things that wowed you. I myself got a 12-year-aged bottle of scotch whisky...
  4. Malcolm the Bear

    Getting Started With Making Plushies - Advice Requested!

    I am asking for the following advice from anyone who currently makes or has made plushies before: I really want to learn how to make plushies, but I have essentially zero knowledge with anything regarding such crafts. The closest I ever came to learning anything remotely related was a Home Ec...
  5. Malcolm the Bear

    Connection Issues: Severe download lag for submissions?

    Every time I fave a submission on FA, I download it to my hard drive, because I've run into so many scenarios in the past where the uploader will have removed what I faved. But recently, when I go to download a submission I fave, it takes roughly two minutes between the time I right-click the...
  6. Malcolm the Bear

    Ultra-Laggy this morning??

    Anyone else getting MAJOR lag from FA this morning? downforeveryoneorjustme.com seems to show FA's server (d.facdn.net) as being down, too.
  7. Malcolm the Bear

    Selling my keyboard

    I hate having to do this, more than anything...but there's no real other options, save for turning to crime. Details are here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1758006/
  8. Malcolm the Bear

    Pre-Order for my first album, "Perspectives," is now OPEN!

    My mate and I decided it was high-time that I produce my first album, so it gives me great pride to announce that pre-order for my first-ever album, titled "Perspectives" is now OPEN! The album is primarily Easy Listening, though it incorporates elements of Jazz, Pop, New Age, and Minimalism as...
  9. Malcolm the Bear

    What Does Music Mean To You?

    What is it exactly that you get out of music? Why do you pursue music? What is the connection, if any, that you feel with music? In short, what are your philosophies regarding music and how does it integrate itself into your life? For me, there is so much about music that impassions me...
  10. Malcolm the Bear

    Composers Group on FA

    Thought this would be worth a mention here, since I haven't yet seen a thread for it here: FluffyCroc founded a group on FA for composers, so if you are a composer and haven't seen it yet, check it out!: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/composers
  11. Malcolm the Bear

    Gallery/Scraps Organization

    Forgive me if this is rehashing some old suggestion, but being someone who posts a variety of different media of submissions (artwork from others, photography, music, literature), I for one would love to see some sort of organizational structure to our Gallery and Scraps sections, respectively...
  12. Malcolm the Bear

    What Does It Truly Mean to Be a Furry?

    Okay, so I don't know about the rest of you, but I've gotten rather disenchanted with how many new Furries I'm seeing that are no older than 13 or 14. The reason for this is because children at that age are still watching cartoons and still generally have an interest in anthropomorphic animals...
  13. Malcolm the Bear

    Forum search function

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before...I tried searching the forums for it, but found nothing. ;) When searching for information here, I see that the forum's search function is rather limited: For one, when entering more than one keyword to search for, it will display all...
  14. Malcolm the Bear

    What's your system?

    Just out of fun and curiosity, I thought it might be neat to post the specs of our computers here...just to see what people run on. I have a PowerSpec 9130, with the following features: Intel D 830 processor at 3.00GHz Biostar i945G-M7 motherboard 2GB RAM (4x512MB of DDR2/533 DIMMS) 2...
  15. Malcolm the Bear

    Geez...another newb...

    Yep. Another dang newb, taking up valuable space. Here I am. ;) M'name's Jonathan Malcolm Sutherland, but most folks just know me as Malcolm. I just got an account here on FA the other day--primarily because I needed a place to upload the mp3s of my music, and FurNation seems to have...