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  1. junkboi

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW ART 20-40$

    Anything goes. Just check my profile, and send me a message. I can't post my art here. 20$ for line art, 30 for shading, 40 if you want 2 characters doing some shit. Like, you know... sex. I'll fucking do it all, man. Inflation, scat, I don't give a fuck. Check my stuff out here: Artwork...
  2. junkboi

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW art strictly, anything goes. 30-40+$

    So here's the thing. You got a character, unique to you. And you're horny. You got fantasies. We all do. I don't judge. Me? I'm here to help, oh believe me. I'm an artist, been drawing all my life. And recently I've drawn a shitload of dicks, and came to like doing that. I have never gotten a...
  3. junkboi

    Give me some NSFW requests

    I'm trying to be an NSFW artist and I have almost no boundaries and I understand and don't shame kinks so... give it to me. You can check my profile for some NSFW art I did. Right now I'm getting mad fucked up drunk so we'll see but I'll get to the shit tomorrow or maybe even tomorrow. Please...
  4. junkboi

    Why did you choose your fursona?

    I chose Raccoon 'cause I am trashy and funny as fuck. I also love city areas and I'm from North America.
  5. junkboi

    Just uploading my entire album for viewing.

    Hey guys, check out my profile for my submissions. There's some NSFW, so be warned. I'll post some SFW here, let me know if you got any comments or questions.
  6. junkboi

    Newest new. I'm so new. I'm also a NSFW artist.

    I like art. I like drawing. I am new in this fandom, and I actually have a question. If I curse, does it offend furries in general? hope not. Anyways, glad to be here. Looking forward to meeting you all and talking good shit.