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  1. anthroguy101

    Video: Systemic Failure

    This mentality has caused schisms, wrecked events, and made hosts go insane. It's not funny and it never was. The world doesn't tolerate it and neither should you.
  2. anthroguy101

    Hobby Lobby in a Nutshell

  3. anthroguy101

    Blade or Electric?

    Which do you prefer shaving with?
  4. anthroguy101

    Best Sub-100USD Microphone

    I got a new keyboard for my birthday last year. I've been learning how to mix recorded melodies, and I have a few songs that I've written. I want to turn these lyrics into songs. What's a good microphone for starting out with, costing less than 100USD?
  5. anthroguy101

    Trillian being Trillian

    A few bugs I've noticed is that the Facebook chat will not work and I can't switch between tabs when I'm chatting. Are there any fixes I can do?
  6. anthroguy101

    iPod Alternatives

    My iPod Video 5G (32GB) is nearing the end of its life, and I've had it for almost five years. What MP3 player (read: not a smartphone) would you recommend for someone who wants the same amount of storage (or perhaps something that's expandable) and also has comparable (if not better) sound...
  7. anthroguy101

    Do You Think Using Autotune is Acceptable?

    I would like to know your opinion on the subject. The torch is lit, let the flames begin!
  8. anthroguy101

    Song vs. Song: When I'm Gone

    I thought I'd try something new. "Song vs. Song" is a thread where multiple songs are taken with the same title and are placed right next to each other, listing the artist right beside it. Out of all the ones listed, which one do you like the best? When I'm Gone - Eminem When I'm Gone -...
  9. anthroguy101

    Steelers or Packers?

    Which team do you hope wins Super Bowl XLV and why?
  10. anthroguy101


    Post music that you feel is nostalgic and reflects what you heard in your childhood. Here are a few songs I remember and liked: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njxn9M6Ca3o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgT9zGkiLig http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_66jPJVS4JE <<This one almost made me cry...
  11. anthroguy101

    Is there a "Favorite Selected" feature?

    When I go through my submissions, I have to click on every single piece of artwork to favorite that particular piece of work. Is there a way FA could make this simpler? Could FA let you add to your favorites while you're still viewing it in your "favorites" folder?
  12. anthroguy101

    Albums You're Looking Forward To

    We have the Best Albums of 2010 thread, so here's the thread for all albums that are coming up. What albums are you looking forward to? My list: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Third full-length album* Rise Against - Sixth studio album* Lady Gaga - Born This Way *notes that albums are as-yet-unnamed...
  13. anthroguy101

    In America, is it quicker to travel by bus or by train?

    If you live in the USA (a nation with almost no high-speed rail) seeking an alternative to flying, which would be a quicker mode of transportation? Would it be faster for a bus to use the Interstate Highway System or would it be quicker to go on Amtrak, assuming you are not going on Acela...
  14. anthroguy101

    Social networking integration

    Most sites nowadays have buttons allowing people to share your art on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Livejournal, etc. Perhaps FurAffinity should considering adding such buttons as well. I know there are artists who would be interested in using something like that for promotion.
  15. anthroguy101

    What is the best cover of "Big Yellow Taxi"?

    It was originally by Joni Mitchell. I love this song and the message it portrays. So far it's been covered by like 20 people and I was wondering if anyone had a favorite cover?
  16. anthroguy101

    New Interface

    Are you guys done changing FA, or is there more work to be done? What can we anticipate if there is?
  17. anthroguy101

    What conventions have you been to?

    If you have never been to a furry convention then do not answer this poll.
  18. anthroguy101

    My "sent items" doesn't work on FAF

    Anyone know when that will be fixed?
  19. anthroguy101


    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought about the crap they're trying to sell, what with all the Hannah Montana, Big Time Rush, Total Drama Island etc. So in this day and age, which network do you think is by far the worst at all this gimmicky throwaway television?
  20. anthroguy101

    Well, so much for that.

    Moderator: "Would you support a constitutional ban on gay marriage?" Tom Corbett (R): "Yes." Moderator: "Would you?" Dan Onorato (D): "I don't support changing the constitution, and I don't support gay marriage." Pennsylvania politics are teh suck.