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  1. Lucifer The Dragoness

    Looking for Lineart

    Basically looking for an eastern dragon with angel wings for a lineart (feral) would prefer chibi and adult but Ill take what I can get, but if I have to choose, adult version is more important. Anything else just ask. *Yes the whiskers and horns would be nice*
  2. Lucifer The Dragoness

    Request: World of Warcraft Dragon Sona Ref Sheet

    So, Im looking for someone who could potentially draw a World of Warcraft dragon sona for me, it would be a blood elf and feral dragon form (I will probably have to pay for what I fully want but I figured I'd try here first). Anyway, if anyone would like to try shoot me a message directly, I...
  3. Lucifer The Dragoness

    Looking to Trade some OCs

    Id prefer to trade instead of sell (for art or OCs) but I will look at all offers, dont feel bad if I deny your offer, I just am prioritizing certain characters over others (I am not fond of ponies and bright ocs so pls dont offer them), I like these OCs but I just can't connect with em so have...