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  1. Banana Shake

    Works in Progress!

    Working on a tarot card style thing rn
  2. Banana Shake

    Sketchbook: Banana Studio

    WIP! Waiting for the day the final art will actually resemble the sketch, lol
  3. Banana Shake

    02's Sketchbook

    Digging the colors and movement on the second piece!
  4. Banana Shake

    What is your personality type? An experiment.

    I got INFP-T (Mediator) This is a very detailed quiz, interesting!
  5. Banana Shake

    Sketchbook: Banana Studio

    Experimental image! A tarot card of Ears, an tabaxi Necromancer~
  6. Banana Shake

    (Commission) Selling: The Banana Stand! [Prices starting at 5$ - 25$] OPEN!

    I'm back after a forced hiatus, so art bump! Commission for a friend, of their fav Pokémon~ Alt version:
  7. Banana Shake

    What inspired your fursona's name?

    Cayenne's name is based on one of my favorite things: pepper. Her design was ready and I didn't have a name yet, and I was eating tacos with hot sauce. Then I looked at her colors, at the sauce and at her again and had a "eureka!" moment :v
  8. Banana Shake

    (Commission) Selling: The Banana Stand! [Prices starting at 5$ - 25$] OPEN!

    Art bump! Custom dragon for a customer, made from a text description :D
  9. Banana Shake

    Show me your art!

    One of my most recent pieces, I'm pretty proud of this one! It was a trade on Discord :3
  10. Banana Shake

    (Commission) Selling: The Banana Stand! [Prices starting at 5$ - 25$] OPEN!

    Art bump with a commission finished yersterday :3
  11. Banana Shake

    Sketchbook: Banana Studio

    [cleans the dust off everything] WIP of a centaur hunter!
  12. Banana Shake

    Catch up since the forums are back

    I finally opened commissions and they are going surprisingly well :v Also, I got into exercising, lost a good amount of weight already, and got the chance to get better at baking and cooking~
  13. Banana Shake

    Works in Progress!

    Commission I'm working at the moment :D
  14. Banana Shake

    Embarrassing Childhood Facts

    When I was little I thought that when actors died or married or even got pregnant in movies, they did it for real. If they appeared on TV later, I assumed that who died was a twin or someone that really looked like them! I also thought that there was a mini band inside the stereo system that...