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  1. Syrup The Fox

    What is the best way to “come out” as a furry?

    So, I have been thinking about coming out as a furry to my parents. I am a young furry, the closest store where I can get supplies for a fursuit is in like 15 kilometers away and they would be asking why I have so much foam and blah blah blah. So what is the best way to come out as a furry?
  2. Syrup The Fox

    Any furry art advice?

    So, I am really new to the furry community and would like a fursona. I have made an early version for my fursona but it needs a lot of fixing. But the thing is I suck at art. Does anyone have any advice on how to draw furries or get better at art?
  3. Syrup The Fox

    Is anyone from Finland?

    (ENGLISH) So, I was wondering that if anyone from here is from Finland? I am from Finland and would be great to meet some other Finns here. (FINNISH) Joten, minä mietin että onko täällä suomalaisia? Olen itse suomesta ja olisi kiva tapailla muitakin täällä.