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  1. FeralArrow

    Dirty Bomb

    http://dirtybomb.nexon.net/landing/ Is anyone else playing this? It's surprisingly fun. I entered open beta yesterday, and I've been having a blast. I can't believe it's FTP.
  2. FeralArrow

    Another Cameo Opportunity!

    So, I know my dearest GamerGal is doing something similar already, but I would also like to offer you guys another opportunity to cameo. My story, however, is just a one-off (for now, at least.) It's involving my new character Gnash, who is the leader of a raider gang. If you like violent...
  3. FeralArrow

    Visual Novels

    What are everyone's favorite visual novels/storytelling games? I'm looking for some good ones to play. Most of the ones I find are cheesy anime-schoolgirl type games that I'm not really into, but I enjoy the format of that genre, and am looking to learn from them, since I'm going to be working...
  4. FeralArrow

    Design Update

    Greetings and salutations! I'm looking to get a final design of an alternate character of mine. Her name is Gnash. I have some art of her that I got as an adoptable, and I want to modify the design. Here is the piece (NSFW because boobies). I really enjoy her colors. She is based off of a...
  5. FeralArrow


    Hey gaiz. i have a new fersona plz contrectuve feedbak onlee. op - DONT STEAL. heer is hiz ref sheet link
  6. FeralArrow

    Young Adult Furries

    Is anyone hanging around here a furry that would consider themselves "young adult," or that joined the fandom as young adults? I understand that a good portion of the fandom is within the age group of 16-22, which is what I would consider YA. I am 20, and created my FA account when I was 17. I...
  7. FeralArrow

    Literature about the fandom

    Hey everybody. You may or may not remember me from a big ethnography project that I posted about on the forums a year or so ago. I was writing a study on the furry fandom and the importance of art to the community. Now, I'm working on something much more personal (and terrifying). A...
  8. FeralArrow

    Multiple Versions of a Fursona

    Hey everyone. I'm going to copy this over from my journal on the main site in order to discuss it more generally. So, what do you guys think? Is this sort of thing common in the community?
  9. FeralArrow

    Furry Poetry Slam

    Hey everyone, Fleet here. I recently had an idea for an event that could be a lot of fun to have at a con: a furry poetry slam! Basically, there would be two rounds of PG-13 competitive, original dramatic poetry readings. Winners would be chosen based on the amount of money donated into the...
  10. FeralArrow

    Furries: An Enthnography!

    Hey everyone! You can call me Fleet. I've been a pretty passive member of the fandom for a few years, but I've spent a lot of time thinking about the furry identity. I'm currently enrolled in an anthropology class in college, and for our final project we are required to write a short ethnography...