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  1. Enwon

    Public Service announcement

    This is an important message to all furries ever: Go outside. You've been in front of the computer long enough.
  2. Enwon

    Ask a straight white American male...

    Pretty self-explanatory. I'm answering questions.
  3. Enwon

    Who's the most infamous

    The most iconic thread has covered the most famous members of the fandom, or at the least the forum. Now, we need an opposite but equal thread. Who is the most detrimental to the fandom?
  4. Enwon

    A taco asks for critique.

    As I said in my n00b board thread, I am a terrible artist. I also have recognized and accepted the value of critique. So, I drew this cheetah guy, and am dying to know: Where did I fuck up? This is part one of a larger drawing project. The finalized drawing will have the cheetah wearing...
  5. Enwon

    Hi, I'm N106

    I'm new to the furaffinity forum... though not new to posting on forums, or even that new to the furry fandom. However, there is one thing that must be remembered about me. My universal symbol is the taco. If you see an N106 posting on any forum who doesn't have a taco avatar, then that...