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  1. Kitsune Cross

    Learning guitar

    I'm currently learning to play the electric guitar on my own and I would appreciate a lot if someone could tell of a really good site with tutorials and learning tools.
  2. Kitsune Cross

    Amazing videoclips!

    Put here your favorite videoclips! _ http://youtu.be/4IUjtHf76wM
  3. Kitsune Cross

    Sad animation is sad

    Holy shit why? T.T http://youtu.be/ae2T4utxxPw
  4. Kitsune Cross

    Coffee pre training

    Thoughts on this? Some people says it's good, some says is not, what do you think? Also, why isn't there a sports section in the forum? :confused:
  5. Kitsune Cross

    Epic cat saves a child!

    Truly amazing http://youtu.be/dKF3U9UWrBI Shame on you dog, attacking a child and then being chased off by a smaller opponent, you suck
  6. Kitsune Cross

    Critique wanted

    I'm pretty sure I failed up with proportion and I screw the paper bigtime with corrections, it's like everytime I fixed something I another thing gone wrong, very frustrating but I kinda like how it turned out except for some details that I could not fix.
  7. Kitsune Cross

    Hearthstone betakey wanted

    Been trying to get one but still no luck, maybe someone here has an extra one?
  8. Kitsune Cross

    What songs are you learning?

    Right now I practising unholy confessions from Avenged Sevenfold and through struggle from As I lay dying in my bass, as I'm going to play them with my band, the As I lay dying one is quite easy, the a7x one is more difficult but super fun to play. What was the last song you learnt or are...
  9. Kitsune Cross

    So I decided to draw

    Opinions? It has some obvious flaws, but I'm fine with it overall
  10. Kitsune Cross


    Closed the only active thread in the forum, why...
  11. Kitsune Cross

    Ylvis the fox - Metal vercion

    http://youtu.be/v3MTccrcRE0 This is way more awesome than the original
  12. Kitsune Cross

    Anyone know how to use tumblr?

    I had the terrible idea of searching furry in tumblr and shittons of yiff appeared, anyone knows how to not to see #yiff? (or any other tag I don't wanna see)
  13. Kitsune Cross

    Hello ^^

    Well I'm new here, I'm from Argentina and I like metal & nü metal. Guess thats all