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  1. pediachnid

    hand the person below you a species

    simple, make the person below you a diffrent species whoever is next is gonna be a death's head hawk moth
  2. pediachnid

    Speed date the sona above ya!

    Just list a few things about your sona in terms of romance then say how you think the date would go with the one above ya Name:creca Attraction:bi(male leaning) Kinks(optional):macro/micro, to emberaased to say the rest Other bits: loves bugs and biology, is a bio nerd and gameing nerd whenever...
  3. pediachnid

    give the fur above you a pet!

    simple, give the furry above you a pet (or snack) because noone is above me, ill give the void a cat
  4. pediachnid

    furry bio question:shark feet

    i know sharks are covered in denticles irl, so i have to wonder, does the same apply to the feet of anthro sharks?
  5. pediachnid

    keeping odd/generally unloved/hated pets: support and advice

    hello again, im deciding on keeping a pet German cockroach that i found at work, problem is i cant find any advice besides people telling me to kill it, same when i shir the fact i keep spiders to people, and finding advice on the common centipede or harvestmen was a hassle, so im making this...
  6. pediachnid

    fave D&D race/monster

    what it says on the tin, and for bonus, draw your fursona as one if your an artist my fave has got to be the ettercap or giant spider for fairly obvious reasons
  7. pediachnid

    i call bullshit!

    poast a lie and tear apart the previous person`s lie, have fun! hey, do you know i make ten figures off of art?
  8. pediachnid

    "nice guys" thread

    this is a thread for people who have experienced "nice guys" and wanna talk about it now for people reading who are unaware what a "nice guy" is 1:no introspection: they think their problem is caused by EVERYONE but them, people who dont recognize lowest common denominator 2:two faced: often...
  9. pediachnid

    what buggo would ya be? (or for buggos, what vertibret?)

    pretty simple, a swap of wether ya have a spine and internal skeliton or not id probibly choose a crow, smart, cureous, and indevidualistic
  10. pediachnid

    internal anatomy of your sona and accuracy to the species

    this is a litte topic that interested me, i mean, for ape furs its not all too hard, after all, the anatomy conversion is simply in the bones to stand upright but thats about it, but in stuff like horses, spiders (like myself), scalies,other mammals, fish, mollusk your gonna have a LOT to...
  11. pediachnid

    find a sue or make a sue

    simple enough, find your most hilareous mary sue charicter or make one name:kyle species:spider angel sayan nine tail fox dragon likes:his freinds, being kind, being good,webs,siders,dragons,angels,helping his freinds, being perfe...err, almost perfect dislikes:teh bad guys...
  12. pediachnid

    make up yoir own bad conspericy theory

    simple, make up a bad conspericy theory that you are 99% sure someone would belive the earth is a metiphisical dome ebcause we used to live on the falt earth but scence the flood the earth has merged with the furvurment, makeing it seem rounded even though it isnt
  13. pediachnid

    saddump ;;-;;

    just a place to let out just a bunch of negitive feelings im haveing right now, if you arnt in the mood to be sad there are far more lighthearted threads well, it started today with me just feeling useless at work, and the fact my webcomic has very feiw veiws, just a generall feeeling of...
  14. pediachnid

    haveing pets of what your sona is

    i was wondering how many people have a pet or had a pet that is the same species as their sona? mine is a bold jumper and i had a female bold jumper named mia
  15. pediachnid

    games with spuderfurs?

    i know of one browser flash game with a protagonist spiderfur but thats about it, any others?
  16. pediachnid

    what are arthropod/amphibian/mollusk/microbial/avian furs called?

    so far i only know of the terms furry and scaily, furry applying to mammals, scaily applying to reptiles, thoes terms only cover two groups, so is there terms for the other groups?
  17. pediachnid

    turning the fricking frogs gay!

    heres a little game, find a furry image that corrisponds with these conspiricy theories: gay frogs lizard people ruling the earth bug people invadeing the earth vaccines (bacteria furs or virus furs) and anything else you know of
  18. pediachnid

    as a spiderfur and spiderowner... (applies to owners/furs of any normally hated species)

    i know that this is an unpopular thing, but whenever i hear someone say they are gonna kill my pet or sona jokingly or brag about killing spiders it just gets to a, well, very visceral part of me, it makes me hate the person, then hate myself for what i like, it feels like a personal attack...
  19. pediachnid

    your sona`s fears

    simple, not your fears, but based on your sona`s species what he/she/they fear the most for me that would be wasp, raid, and anything bigger than a cricket
  20. pediachnid

    weird ass character ideas that strangely work

    simple, poast a short description of a character that sounds odd but actually works pretty well species: hobby: job: gender: sex: interesting notes example species:tardigrade hobby:heavy metal job:record shop keeper gender:female sex:hermaphrodite she loves the song 'living dead girl' by rob...