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  1. SharpUnforgiven

    Request: new oc needs more art of her

    alien space cow cause why not - i just made her - idk how well it comes across in my version but shes got big breasts and is on the short and thin side - large breasts but normal butt - so not "thicc"? anyway im looking for anyone to make any art of her - get creative with it - any art is...
  2. SharpUnforgiven

    (Base/YCH) Selling: tiger hoodie ($15-$20)

    can fit any character - male/female - furry, human, etc. - hoodie and stripes can be custom colors - do require visual ref - prices will range from 15-20 based on character complexity - all payments will be via paypal
  3. SharpUnforgiven

    (Commission) Selling: PWYW ($5 - $100)

    PWYW or pay what you want commissions - are more or less a gamble or a sort of grab bag - starting at $5 you are at least guaranteed a rough sketch - but if i like the idea (content) i may make it to a full detail project - the more you pay the higher the probability it'll be a full detail or...
  4. SharpUnforgiven

    Request: art for my OC

    heres the ref lets see what u guys come up with id like feral/anthro/human nsfw and sfw are welcome can change hair style but cowlick is a must, plz XD cutiemark is japanese for "beauty" other than that have fun and thanks in advance
  5. SharpUnforgiven

    Art Block List

    List what u want please include all details/refs i wont ask for additional details. i dont have deadlines on these its just to work on when i have no ideas. Allowed SFW/(Most)NSFW in anthro, human, or feral Complex backgrounds Multiple Characters (Max of 4, maybe 5 if the scenario calls for...
  6. SharpUnforgiven

    looking to trade art

    this is more about meeting new ppl/artists not so much the art so i dont expect hi-res commission style "works" if this isnt for you dont bother replying but if it does then hit me up here or on my skype - sharpunforgiven12@gmail.com or discord - SharpUnforgiven#5429 the following is just a...
  7. SharpUnforgiven

    Sharpie's commissions 2018 ($10+)

    I draw from ponies to furries - SFW to NSFW - Video Games to Anime Feel free to ask questions or PM me - just include the link to this page so i know what you're talking about :)
  8. SharpUnforgiven

    working on new content

    show me what you got - and be specific in what you want and let's see if we cant work something out :) EDIT - DONTS - inflation, scat, diapers, vore, gore, pregnancy and if you want to message me off the site - my discord is SharpUnforgiven#5429
  9. SharpUnforgiven

    bored and looking to trade

    i mostly do ponies but i can do feral, anthro, and humans. if u wanna trade please include examples of ur work and what you'd like to trade (ideas and such). and please dont get mad if i choose not to trade with you. this is a place of fun not conflict. you can find my examples here - (SFW)...
  10. SharpUnforgiven

    Lonely 24M

    lets see what happens - yus im sick of being alone. just pm me if u wanna chat or whatever
  11. SharpUnforgiven

    MLP Holiday Requests (SFW/NSFW)

    (MLP only please) So I'm looking for ideas for holiday pieces I will look at every suggestion but I'll prolly only take 1-2 requests. Rule 1 - NO OCs Rule 2 - Can be SFW or NSFW Rule 3 - you will NOT get the final picture but i will credit you as the requester Rule 4 - They don't have to be...
  12. SharpUnforgiven

    Hello I'm new to the forum

    I'm a digital artist, an MLP fan, and recently became a furry (fan). I've been drawing for close to 4 years (traditional) and 2 years (digital). I've been drawing ponies for the last two years both feral/anthro and SFW/NSFW. I've had some luck with commissions but not as much as I'd like. So I...
  13. SharpUnforgiven

    taking requests 3 at a time (CLOSED FOR NOW)

    I'm new to this site, i come from a land of ponies but im looking to expand my skills and portfolio so ill be doing free art for a limited time. only 3 pieces at a time and with no deadlines. ill trade you free art for your patience. I am a digital art and my specialty is feral ponies both...