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  1. FooFoo4230

    First real attempt to say hi!

    Hello there! (Obi-Wan Kenobi) =) Welcome! Introversion is fine, there’s a lot of introverts here, so don’t worry, you’re in good company with people who really aren’t the best at talking! Hope you have fun here!
  2. FooFoo4230


    Hello! Hope you have a good time around here! From what I can tell, art buddies shouldn’t be too difficult to find around here, so I think you’ll find what you’re looking for!
  3. FooFoo4230

    Predators and prey

    My apologies for having been away for the day! I guess I just blow through as a semi-ghostly presence, most times. But at least I can interact! Oh, not much! School, uhh... well, school. That’s about it... So, yeah. No, the whole universe could be a submarine! There’s no way to tell, unless...
  4. FooFoo4230

    Hello Everyone! :33 I don't know what I'm doing.

    Hello! For pointers, I used to say “stay out of the garbage pile that is the politics section”, but luckily, they removed that, so I don’t have anything to warn people about! Also, the Forum Games section is fun! My favorite place to be! (And the only place I am, at the moment...) My...
  5. FooFoo4230

    Man its been a LONG time.

    Welcome! I know that there’s quite a few people who could help give you advice on your art, but I’m not one of them! =) Hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. FooFoo4230

    Yo, I'm new on forums but heckin introverted D:

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here! What are some of your favorite video games? I’m currently going on a Stellaris binge, but I also enjoy other games, like Space Engineers, Factorio, FTL, Oneshot, and several others. The only games I don’t like are shooters, which I’m awful at and I know...
  7. FooFoo4230

    Looking for a furry discord server

    Welcome! Hope you find what you’re looking for! Also, did you know that your name is a rude slang term in British? If you didn’t, I wanted to inform you.
  8. FooFoo4230

    Darko here!

    Welcome! Making friends isn’t too difficult around here. Also, what do you like? I noticed you said you were a total nerd, what are you interested in?
  9. FooFoo4230

    Hello everyone

    Welcome back, and I’m sure you’ll make new friends. The people around here are quite friendly, so no major worries there!
  10. FooFoo4230

    Hello from Lycandope! Not new to FA but kinda new to the forums!

    Hello, welcome to the forums! Hope you have fun and make friends!
  11. FooFoo4230

    Predators and prey

    Seems like I’m only active at the bookends of my day... my apologies. And also, ssaannttoo calling almost everyone Uncle really brought home the statistic that most furries are male. Seems like it’s also the case on the internet at large, but somewhat less skewed.
  12. FooFoo4230

    Predators and prey

    Those crazy Brits! Always drinking tea, when we all know the superior beverage! (No, it’s not coffee.) =) *drinks from a glass of water, then falls asleep*
  13. FooFoo4230

    ☺ and i'm all out of gum

    Aww, they sound like sweeties! Always nice to hear about other people’s cats. I guess I’ll tell you about mine! She’s a gray tabby who we adopted from an older lady who wasn’t able to take care of her and her brother anymore. Sadly, we weren’t able to take in her brother. She’s gotten a lot...
  14. FooFoo4230

    ☺ and i'm all out of gum

    Hello! This was fun to read, even if I didn’t get some of the references, and I agree, water is the best thing to drink on a regular basis. Hydrate or diedrate! From what I can tell, this community is very likely to be able to assist you in your quest to explore digital art. You’ll probably find...
  15. FooFoo4230

    Predators and prey

    (Wait, is there some reason you can’t drink the potions sequentially, and stop when you get the one you want? That’s what I thought of. There most likely is some reason, and even if there isn’t, identifying what a potion transforms you into would be a very helpful skill, but that’s the simple...
  16. FooFoo4230

    Predators and prey

    Well, it seems like I’m an uncle now! A unexpected development! But of course, I’m fine with this! The more hugs, the merrier! (Oh, and I’m going on a birdwatching trip with my mom, so I’ll be away.)
  17. FooFoo4230

    Predators and prey

    Whoa, who’s this lovely fluffy person? I wonder, did Ben have something to do with this? Probably... How often do you have to deal with unexpected transformations around here? Hello, friend! How are you? *returns the hugs*
  18. FooFoo4230

    Predators and prey

    (Sure! Fictive kinship is what it’ll be, since I’m not siblings with, or married to, Gui or Ari. But I could probably teach you the ways of being a nerd, and the joy of painting reading. Oh yeah, and some stuff about computers as well.)
  19. FooFoo4230

    Hi I'm new at forum

    Welcome to the forums! They’re definitely a little bit different than the main site. Definitely got a different community here, since it’s a bit more difficult to find than the main site.
  20. FooFoo4230

    Predators and prey

    Ah yes, PvP is perfectly normal today. And by “normal”, I mean odd. And by odd, I mean odd in a fun way! Anyway... my apologies for all this absence and inactivity. I’m going to keep trying to stay active, but who knows how well that’ll work out? Planning to participate in a round tomorrow, if...