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    WTH is Absalom Archives?

    Well, at least the bad news comes with good news. Job and busy are good.
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    WTH is Absalom Archives?

    Ahhh. I was at least hoping for a submission from MLR. :P I'll take furry stories.
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    WTH is Absalom Archives?

    Been awhile, but I've been very busy, as this post will show. If you're familiar with Paizo Publishing, LLC then you are aware of the Pathfinder RPG and the shared world of Golarion. If you're not, don't worry, the magazine is accepting more than just fan-fiction. Because of limitations on using...
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    Putting the Pieces Together

    Just a quick thought... If you want to keep your fox nameless, each viewpoint is going to present it's own problems. In first person, while it might make sense to never refer to one's self by name, it can get a little tricky on the internal dialogue. You almost have to create a conscious reason...
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    I need some other words for animals

    Equine for horse? I think most people that know a palfrey, but even if they don't, it's easy to educate them.
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    my first story for FA (in progress)

    Not much to add by this point. IBM has a streamlined version of Open Office available here http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/home.nsf/home I wanted to emphasize though, that most people so far have answered your question about details as if they were the target audience...
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    How I learned to stop worrying and love the F-bomb

    A quote in a quote: Russell W. Asplund in issue 20/21 of The Leading Edge magazine is quoting Tom Stoppard in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Russ is talking about fantasy seeming less and less fantastic. The phrase I find often associated with profanity of all kinds is "in vain."...
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    does anyone have keratoconus?

    I have karatoconus. What most people are missing is that it is often a degenerative condition that can leave you blind. They are also missing the fact that glasses often are limited by how much they can correct the condition. My right eye can only be corrected by glasses to the point that I can...
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    A Writing Workshop

    Pending some minor tweaking, the TeamSpeak server is up and running. It is the Bad Writer's Anonymous server at http;//www.skunkmanor.net:8772 (The link is intentionally broken.) To be able to log in, you'll need the client software at http://www.teamspeak.com and the password. I'll leave the...
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    A Writing Workshop

    Well, we'd want it to be invite only, or it could get really messy. I'd like to do something like that though, so that I don't have to publicly post my stories. I'd be able to go most times, and the chat can be on 24/7 for others to use it.
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    A Writing Workshop

    I can set up a TeamSpeak server. Maybe if we can get enough people to agree on a schedule we can have weekly reviews of different stories.
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    Computer Issues Vol. 2 - The Framerate Kills!

    This is often solved by turning off QoS in your internet options.
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    Computer Issues Vol. 2 - The Framerate Kills!

    Or, while you're saving money for the upgrade, you can try two things I've found that make a huge difference. Make sure the monitor refresh rate is set correctly. Check on the manufacturers website to see what hertz you should be at for your resolution. Also, check in the game settings and see...
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    Writer's Block: I need a villain name

    I like harsh consonants when I'm doing evil. Brocktar or some such.
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    Reader's freedom

    Not sure why I'm posting to just agree with you, but I like the line out of Terry Pratchett's book The Truth. Emphasis is the author's.
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    Reader's freedom

    Bad fox! Stop reading things that are worded like a bad Pink Floyd tune.
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    Reader's freedom

    The magazine I worked for in college returned reader comments to the writer. On one occasion we received in the mail on the same day two letters from writers. One thanked us for the reviews, saying that it was unfortunate more magazines didn't have the same practice. The other basically said...
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    Oct 22nd - Who has their 7?!?

    TechNet Plus. Had it a couple of months.
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    Transsexualism or bestiality?

    Sounds similar to the question, "Would you rather eat dog poop, or cat poop?"
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    Artwork for publication

    That's usually left to the publisher. If you have artwork that applies and it is by you, and you're comfortable displaying it, then send it. Otherwise, sending things with your MS that will require further contracting isn't advisable.