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  1. Ieyato

    Great Minecraft LGBT/Furry Friendly Server

    Looking for a peaceful and friendly Minecraft server that won't judge? Tired of trolls and griefers messing with you because you are part of the LGBT or Furry communities. Then head on over to the LGBT/Furry server. We are a non-judgmental survival style world. Towny based with plenty of privacy...
  2. Ieyato

    Looking for a room at IFC

    Hey all, I am, as the headline states, looking far a room at IFC. This will be my first furcon as, I just joined the community in April, but not my first con overall. And to top things off it also falls on my 29th birthday. I am a clean, straight, open minded male who lives in Muncie, IN. I...
  3. Ieyato

    Hi! I'm new here.

    Hello to all and thank you, Just wanted to say hi to all and make new friends. If you have questions/comments then feel free to ask.