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  1. UnwieldyRoomba

    Regarding outdated moderators for threads

    In the Art Sales and Auctions sub forum, there are some pinned posts that were made by moderators who either are no longer moderators, or where its been almost a year since "they were last seen," and I'm unsure as how to find out who the new mods are that may (or may not) have taken over certain...
  2. UnwieldyRoomba

    Commissions (including realistic portraits)! Prices range as shown :-)

    These are kind of my general commission groups and pricings, and I am open to negotiation! I also have a newer much more realistic and detailed portrait style: Such as this, which is within the range of $30-$50, depending on details and such. The .psd files and recordings are applicable to...
  3. UnwieldyRoomba

    Hello from a new artist! (≧▽≦)/

    Hey everybody, I'm Lexa and while I'm a bit new to the furry art scene, I've been doing digital art in general for a while! I heard about this site from a friend, and I've always thought anthros and stuff were pretty neat, I thought why not? I'm soon going to college so I'm trying to buff up...