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    Covid Part 3: The Sterilizing

    honestly, it's much better to work and do something than sitting all day long in your apartment with nothing to do. In the situation that we are we don't really have a choice about where to go and what to do and who to meet up with... All we can do is stay at home and go out only when necessary...
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    Remaking the GTA series maps

    wow mate, that's amazing work. love them! Your works have made me play it all over again :D I am a big fan of gta, but recently I had a problem with my PC and was desperate to play it anywhere and one day I came across this site where I downloaded it and now I'm playing GTA 5 mobile whenever I...
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    Is dating allow in this?

    weird, but ok you have other sites for this, no?
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    No Response on Ad for Over a Week :(

    yeah, same here.. smth is wrong
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    Favourite Cartoons

    Adventure time, one of my favorites
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    Zootopia, yay or nay?

    YAY, one hundred % YAY
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    What's Your Favorite Kind of Genre?

    romance and science fiction!!
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    Movies or shows you think should be more popular with furries

    How to train your dragon , definetly!!!
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    Anyone else make music playlists for their characters?

    that's an interesting idea, so you get to know them better!
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    What are you listerning to?

    I listen to everything that my soul thinks is right foe me for the exact moment
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    what breed of dog do you like best

    Akita the cutest!
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    How do you cope with loneliness when you have anxiety, and depression ?

    I'm trying to hide myself in books, movies and so on. But it rarely helps. You have to go outside more often, to enjoy the nature and to begin to love life and yourself and everything will get better, step by step..
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    Remaking the GTA series maps

    wow mate, that's amazing work. love them!